March of Dimes Feature of the Month #5

Hello Georgia FBLA! Each spring many people across the nation walk to raise money for the March of Dimes during the March for Babies Fundraising Walk. Taking part in the march is a great and easy way to help make a difference! To register your chapter, visit the March of Dimes March for Babies website. Pick FBLA and find your FBLA chapter to narrow your choices. Choose your state in the drop-down menu. If your chapter is not listed, visit and select “join a new team.” Use your team type (FBLA) along with your school name in your team title. Print and complete the March of Dimes Fundraising Report Form. Contact your local March of Dimes chapter for resources and support.

Creating a Chapter Website

Hello Georgia FBLA! For those schools that would like to create a chapter website here are some tips on how to go about doing that. First make sure that this has been cleared by your school administration before you start to create or publish. It would also be a good idea for your chapter to form a committee to be in charge of creating the website. Some key things to include are the following: school name, advisors name, region, FBLA logo, and school administration names. Also you can include your officer’s names, pictures with captions, and articles of upcoming events. One thing that would be helpful to your members would be a calendar of upcoming events. If someone misses a meeting or the school announcements they can always go online to your chapter website and check to calendar for events, social events, or conference dates. This is a great way to use your creativity! Good luck and make it your own!

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month #5

Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month

So… maybe your membership just isn’t where it used to be? Or maybe your chapter is trying to raise membership to be the largest CTSO your school has to offer. Possibly you are trying to raise membership to earn more chapter of the year points. Whatever the reason is, you came to the right place. This is the Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month.


            Every year at my school we host a Prom Fashion Show. We do this for many different reasons but the main two are to raise membership and to fundraise. A lot of people join and end up getting involved in FBLA just because they wanted to be a part of the Prom Fashion Show.

            To host a successful Prom Fashion Show, you will need your community’s support. First, ask your administrator if it will be okay to host the show during school hours. If the show is hosted during school hours, more students will pay to attend just to get out of class. The more students that attend, the more money your chapter can raise and the more active the crowd will be.

            After you gain the support of your administrators, you will need to contact local dress and tuxedo stores. When you call, simply ask them if they would like to sponsor your school’s prom fashion show. Let them know that if they will allow models to wear their dresses, you will advertise their stores for all of your school to see. This benefits both your chapter and the store so it is a win-win deal.

            When you have the dress and tuxedo stores offering their help, it is time to find hair and makeup stylists to donate their time. Similar to asking the local stores for their support, just ask if the stylists can come in the day of the show to do hair and makeup and you will in return advertise their services to your entire school during the show.

            To make the Prom Fashion Show a success, you will need models. The models are your members! Have a sign up sheet available either at your chapter meeting or in your class room to let the members know it is time to sign up. Be sure to hang posters and put it on the announcements as well so nonmembers will hear about it and be motivated to join so they can participate in the show! Also, you will need at least one MC, although personally I would recommend having two (one boy and one girl). These MC’s should be enthusiastic, well-known leaders in your school. This helps to spread the word (and excitement) of the Prom Fashion Show.

            After the models have signed up, contact the supporting shops again and ask them how many dresses they are willing to sponsor. Then, assign a number of models to each store to get their dresses and tuxes for the show. If a model has an old dress she would like to sell, she can even model her own dress in the show!

            It’s always a good idea to decorate the location of the show (the gym, auditorium, wherever you decide to have it) with balloons and flowers and anything else you can find to fit the theme. It’s always a great idea to have a slideshow playing with pictures of all the fun you can have being a member of FBLA and with business ads from the supporting stores and stylists.


This is the Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month! Be sure to check back next month to see other ways to grow your chapter.

Icebreaker of the Month #5

Icebreaker of the Month

Do you have members that refuse to participate in icebreakers? Are your students tired of doing the same exact things at every meeting? This month’s icebreaker is sure to make every member giggle while being forced to think quickly on the spot.


Have all of your members (and any advisers wanting to play) stand in one giant circle, side by side with their hands out. The left hand goes under the player to the left’s right hand and the right hand goes over the player to the right’s hand. When the song begins, the players will go clockwise, gently slapping the next player’s hand. The song will reach a point where a potential category will pop up. The last player to have their hand slapped will pick the category at this point. Then, the hand slapping continues, but each person will yell out something that fits into that category when their hand is slapped until a player either repeats an answer, says an answer that is not true, or hesitates. An example script is provided below along with the song.


Let’s play Concentration: no repeats or hesitation. Category is: (This is where the last player will pick) “Disney Movies!”

*Clockwise hand slapping continues*

“Cinderella!” “Up!” “A Bug’s Life!” “The Little Mermaid!” “Maleficent!” “Toy Story!” “Peter Pan!” “The Jungle Book!” “Aladdin!” “The Good Dinosaur!” “Big Hero 6!” “Star Wars!” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!” “Tangled!” “Frozen!” “Pocahontas!” “Mulan!” “The Sword in the Stone!”

*Until Suddenly*

“…uh… Harry Potter!”

The last player would be out of the game because not only did they hesitate, but they claimed Harry Potter is a Disney Movie and that is not true. The game would continue until only two people are left and the last person standing wins.



This is the Icebreaker of the month! Check back next month for another fun icebreaker.

SLC Ribbons

SLC Ribbons; Getting Ready for SLC

SLC is just around the corner! Before you know it, Region Leadership Conferences will be over and your chapter will be arriving in Athens for yet another State Leadership Conference. Will you be prepared? That is all up to you. Start now to be successful. Whether it is studying for a test or memorizing lines for a performance event, it is all left up to you. Will you be catching a bus to Atlanta this summer?

There are so many ribbons you and your chapter can earn to wear at SLC! They are listed below.

Administrator: Advisers who serve as competitive event administrators at the 2016 SLC

Adviser: Local Chapter Advisers registered for the State Leadership Conference

Adviser of the Year: Advisers that are nominated for the 2016 Adviser of the Year honors

Alumni: Advisers who were members of FBLA in high school

Ambassador: Members who serve as competitive event ambassador at SLC

America: Members who have achieved the America Level in BAA for the current or previous years

Assistant: Advisers who serve as competitive event assistants at SLC

Bronze Chapter: Members and advisers of 2015-2016 Chapter of the Year Bronze Chapters

Business: Members who have achieved the Business level in BAA or MAP for 2015-2016

Candidate: State office candidates at the 2016 SLC

Community Service Award (SLC) Members who are nominated by their chapters for the Community Service Award of Merit

Conference All-Star: Members and advisers who have attended SLOTS, Rally, FLC, RLC and SLC in 2015-2016

Conference Sponsor: Advisers of Future and Business level chapter sponsors or advisers and members of Leader and America level chapter sponsors

Excellence: Advisers who recruit 100% of students in all classes to join FBLA during 2015-2016

Finalist: Members who compete in SLC event finals

Foundation Donor: Members and advisers who join the Georgia FBLA Foundation

Future: Members who have achieved the Future level in BAA for 2015-2016

Gold Chapter: Members and advisers of 2015-2016 Chapter of the Year Gold Chapters

Guest: Individuals registered as chaperones at conference

I Support the March of Dimes: Members and advisers may purchase these ribbons at conferences to support the March of Dimes

Industry Certified: Members and advisers of current Industry Certified chapters

Leader: Members who have achieved the Leader level in BAA for 2015-2016

Member of the Month: Members who have been nominated as a Georgia FBLA Member of the Month

Membership Achievement: Members and advisers of chapters that have increased paid membership over 2014-2015 final membership totals

Membership Campaign: Members and advisers of chapters that have placed in a top 3 membership campaign

Membership Madness: Members who have recruited 5 new members during 2015-2016

Membership Mania: Members who have recruited 10 new members during 2015-2016

Monopoly: Members who participate in the Monopoly Tournament

New Chapter: Members and advisers of chapters that have chartered or reactivated during 2015-2016

Official Dress: Members and advisers who adopt full Georgia FBLA Official Dress at conference

Presenter: Members and advisers who present a workshop at the 2016 SLC

Professional Division Members: Advisers who are active paid members of the Professional Division

Region Officer: Members who are currently serving as a 2015-2016 region officer

Saving the Foundation for Future: Members and advisers of chapters that raise over $1,000 or $5 per member for the March of Dimes

Scrapbook: Members and advisers of chapters that submit a scrapbook page for the State Scrapbook

Silver Chapter: Members and advisers of 2015-2016 Chapter of the Year Silver Chapters

State Project: Members and advisers of chapters that accumulate 400 points in the YOU’RE HIRED…NOW WHAT? State Project

Sweepstakes Winner: Members and advisers of chapters that capture the sweepstakes championship at RLC

Top Ten: Members and advisers who place in the top 10 at the 2016 SLC

Voting Delegate: Members who participate as a voting delegate at SLC

Who’s Who: Members who are nominated for 2016 Who’s Who in Georgia FBLA honors

Winner: Members and advisers who placed at the 2015 NLC

50 Member Club: Advisers of chapters that have 50-99 members

100 Member Club: Members and advisers of chapters that have 100-199 members

200 Member Club: Members and advisers of chapters that have over 200 members

100% Class Participation: Advisers who recruit 100% of students in a class to join FBLA during 2015-2016