Running Meetings Efficiently

Chapter meetings are vital in maintaining communication between advisers, officers, and members. Whether a meeting is held to inform members of upcoming events or just as a social opportunity, it is imperative that it is well-run and a productive use of members’ time. To ensure meetings are carried out effectively, officers should follow a few simple guidelines.

The most time-consuming step is actually planning the meeting. Choose the purpose of the meeting. Will it be a social event for members to meet one another or an informative event about the upcoming conference? After the topic is decided, determine what will be required the meeting (refreshments, guest speaker, decorations, etc.) and divide the workload among officers or other meeting hosts. Distributing the workload reduces stress for each member and promotes teamwork.
Next, it is important to choose a time and date when the majority of chapter members are able to attend; avoid overlapping dates with other school organizations or conflicts. Once the meeting is planned, the topic is set, and the time and date are determined, begin promoting it through school announcements and flyers. Ensure that member’s are aware of the meeting to increase attendance and chapter participation.
Between the planning time and actual date of the meeting, gather all the necessary items for the meeting. If a guest speaker is scheduled, be sure to maintain contact and verify that they can still attend. Most importantly, practice the presentation. Familiarity with the content will allow the presentation to flow naturally. Be sure to be able to answer any questions members may have on the topic, or at least be able to point them in the direction of an answer.


On the day of the meeting, arrive as early as needed to set up and prepare. Run through the presentation one last time if time allows. As members arrive, welcome them. If refreshments are provided, it is often a good idea to have members get them on the way in. Try to begin promptly at the decided time. While presenting, make sure that all members can see and hear. Allow time for questions at the end. Even if the meeting is not designed solely to be a social event, it is always a good idea to allot a little time for networking among members. Lastly, and most importantly, ask for feedback from not only advisers and officers but members as well. Constructive feedback will allow future meetings to run even more smoothly and efficiently.

Explore Written Events and Skills Events

The skills events are Computer Applications, Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications and Word Processing. Skills events are a great way to test your computer skills and win awards at Region, State, and Nationals. The forms for the skills events are due on November 1, 2016 and the testing materials will be distributed on Thursday, November 17th at the Fall Leadership Conference.

Chapters can submit only one entry and participants must not have entered this event at a previous National Leadership Conference. Excluding Computer Applications, these events are one-hour long production tests and will be administered prior to Region Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference.

Good luck to all those who will be competing!

The TREY Project

The TREY Project , Through Reaching Every Youth, is this year’s state project,and the purpose is to help members understand the accessibility issues and opportunities for inclusion for students with special challenges and needs. Members will have the opportunity to explore legal requirements, assistive technology practices, and design innovative ways for FBLA members with special challenges to have their time to shine. The TREY Project will include fundraising and raising awareness with the Georgia Tools for Life Program.

Chapters, a great way to get involved with the state project is partnering with related organizations such as CTI (Career & Technical Instruction), Special Olympics, Tools for Life and others. For example, a simple way to partner with a related organization is to help out at the Special Olympics. Whether it is raising money or volunteering at a Special Olympics event, members should get involved and help raise awareness for accessibility issues and opportunities for inclusion.

Increasing Membership

Now is the time to be recruiting new members! Take advantage of club fairs, utilize curriculum nights or parent visits to the school, and lookout for the freshman, especially those who were in Middle  Level FBLA. Your chapter can win conference registrations and official dress items.

  • Rally Roundup August 1 – September 30
  • Operation October October 1 – 20
  • Now in November October 21 – November 30
  • December Draft December 1 – 31
  • 17 in ’17 January 1 – February 28

This year we have a new addition to the Chapter Checkpoint and All-Start Membership Challenge called the Membership Ladder Campaign. Chapters that increase their membership from the previous year can qualify to win these prizes:

  • 10 Member Increase: Ribbons for chapter members at SLC
  • 25 Member Increase: Ribbons and glow necklaces for chapter members at SLC and a $25 Georgia FBLA voucher
  • 50 Member Increase: Ribbons and glow necklaces for chapter members at SLC, a $50 Georgia FBLA voucher, and a plaque
  • 100 Member Increase: Ribbons and glow necklaces for chapter members at SLC, a $100 Georgia FBLA voucher, a banner, and a Conference Season Pass for 2017-2018

Loganville HS Honors Local Firemen

imageLoganville High School FBLA members honor local firemen on September 9, 2016 in recognition of 9/11. Members took time to prepare fresh baked goods for the firemen. Several students helped sort and divide the goods to be distributed to four fire stations. After school, a group of members delivered these goodies and thanked them for their outstanding service.