Since it is now second semester you can begin your second wave of recruiting! Most schools have a “Rising 9th Graders Night” where eighth graders come to the feeder high school to meet teachers and administrators. This is a wonderful opportunity to set up a table to recruit members for next school year. Give out brochures, competition information, and even some candy! This will make sure you have new members for next year and start off 2017 with a BANG!


Second semester is always a great time to try something new at your chapter meetings! Help present the FBLA-PBL Emblem Ceremony at a local chapter meeting to complete Activity 2 under Education of the Business MAP award. The FBLA Emblem Ceremony presentation is an important part of FBLA tradition used to inform and inspire audiences about the purposes of our organization while providing an opportunity to develop presentation skills for members. All you have to do is take a picture and BOOM you’re done with another MAP activity!

Rockmart High School FBLA Donate Toys

RHS FBLA members donated new toys to children in the hospital on Dec. 17. Conner T., FBLA President, organized the project and collected the toys that were donated by FBLA members.  Members of the RHS FBLA Leadership Team, accompanied by advisers and a parent, delivered the toys to children at Floyd Medical Center.  They visited for a few minutes with each child as each child selected a toy.