Recap of the 2017 Middle Level State Leadership Conference

The Middle Level  State Leadership Conference at the Georgia National Fairgrounds was a complete success! Over 1,000 Georgia FBLA members engaged in workshops, competitive events, and networking opportunities. The conference was a Time to Shine like no other for our Middle Level Members. Members had to opportunity to attend fun workshops, hear from their state officer candidates, and engaging in numerous networking opportunities.


If you want to relive the memories made this year for our Middle Level members be sure to check out our 2017 Middle Level SLC Year in Review.


2017 Middle Level SLC Year in Review from Georgia FBLA on Vimeo.

Recap of the 2017 State Leadership Conference

The 2017  State Leadership Conference (SLC) was the place where over 4,000 FBLA members stepped into the spotlight and seized their time to shine. Members jumped into the spotlight of workshops, competitive events, and networking opportunities leaving them with lasting memories. Members also started their journey to lead as business professionals.

We celebrated those who scored the highest in their competitive events and remembered how we shared our spotlight with each other in Athens.

Members, advisers, and chapters were recognized in a variety of categories and we said farewell to our 2016-2017 State Executive Council while also welcoming those elected to lead Georgia FBLA as members of the 2017-2018 State Executive Council.

Be sure to share the memories from this years SLC with your friends and family back home by watching this year’s Conference ThinkBack and reflect on all of the shining moments from Athens at

Georgia FBLA, thank you for such an incredible conference. Congratulations to all of our competitors and for those making the trip to Anaheim, California, we can’t wait to see you there!


FBLA Members Complete MOS Certifications

Bleckley County High School may be small in size and number, but we make up for that in a huge effort and striving for success. Bleckley County High School has been working hard to break last year’s certification success numbers and we are well on our way to achieve this. BCHS students achieved 167 Certifications last year and we currently have achieved 142 certifications so far this year. Sixty-eight percent of our BCHS FBLA members have achieved at least one certification with some members achieving as many as 9 certifications. We are super proud of our MOS certifying FBLA members! Continue to work hard to achieve that goal!

Washington Wilkes Middle School at 2017 State Leadership Conference

WWMS FBLA attended the State Leadership Conference in Perry, Georgia on February 28, 2017. Students worked hard and tested in the middle of February at the state level in various competitive events. The students that competed and traveled to the conference include Emily Denard, Emily E., Jayden G., Madison P., Eduardo S., Yesica V., and Jazlyn V. In the chapter of the year competition, WWMS won silver falling in the top silver chapters in the state.  Emily E. was recognized and received a trophy for her service this year as the Middle Level State secretary. Ms. Jenkins, chapter advisor, would like to thank members for their hard work this year and the community for their continued support.


Students pictured: (Left to right) Madison P., Emily E., Eduardo S., Jayden G., Jazlyn V., Yesica V., and Emily D.

Region 5 Adviser of the Year

Melissa Barker, Bleckley County High School adviser, was named 2017 FBLA Region 5 Adviser of the Year on February 20, 2017. Mrs. Barker has worked with FBLA at Bleckley County High School since Fall of 2015.

BCHS FBLA members and officer team surprised Mrs. Barker with a celebration on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The celebration included a cake, a card filled with a sentiment from officers and members, as well as a frog wind chime to add to Mrs. Barker’s frog decor collection.

Congratulations to Mrs. Barker and BCHS FBLA on a job well done!