Bridge to the Next Level

We have reached our milestone- the year is winding down and we’re looking forward to the new year. The new year brings about new changes that we all must prepare ourselves for, so here’s a couple of advice to help you build a bridge of success into the new year:

  1. Don’t be shy, and introduce yourself to your new FBLA family. As you excel to the next level, make sure you get to know your chapter and the way they run things
  2. All levels are different and bring about new, exciting things. Mentally prepare yourself for a bigger and exciting FBLA year.

In honor of FBLA, I encourage each and every one of you to look forward to building your bridge into the next level or challenge you may face. Whether you’re in middle level entering a high school chapter, a high school student moving forward into PBL, or even a PBL member moving onto the Professional Division, we hope you continue to be the leader that you were born to be!

Applying for Region Office

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next nevel? If so, then applying for Georgia FBLA Region Office may be your next best step. In addition to serving as ambassadors for our state organization, region officers also contribute to various efforts within their own respective regions.

A focal point of the Region Officer experience is being able to attend the Region Officer Academy (ROA), which is held during the summer, to build leadership skills and make connections with other officers. After attending ROA and other conferences throughout the year, Region Officers are prepared to run their respective Region Leadership Conferences.

If applying for Region Office is something that you would like to do, please complete the Region Officer application, which is located in the Livebinder, by January 26, 2018. Make sure to review the attendance requirements that are expected of Region Officers before applying.

Good luck on your individual Georgia FBLA journeys!

Last Minute Tips to Help You Ace Your Performance Event

The Region Leadership Conferences are just around the corner. As we quickly approach the end of this year and into competition season, here are some last minute presentation tips to help you take your performance to the next level.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: This may seem cliché, but the best way to ace your performance event is to prepare as much as you can. Have your script completely memorized, and if your performance event is with a team, practice with them to improve your teamwork and cooperation.
  2. Be confident: A little confidence when you’re presenting goes a long way. When its time for you to go into your event, take a deep breath and believe in all the hard work that you have put in towards your event. If you believe in yourself, the judges will too.
  3. Speak clearly: When you are actually presenting, remember that the judges can’t help you if they do not understand you. We have a tendency to talk faster and slur words together when we are nervous, so try to be conscious of this when you are presenting.
  4. Do mock runs: Nothing prepare for the event like actually practicing in front of an audience. You could practice your event in front of advisers, other members, and even in your classes (given that the teacher allows you). This will help you get a good idea of how you will do under pressure in the real situation.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful as you continue to work your way towards regions. I hope to see you on stage!

Middle-Level SLC Preview

Middle-Level Members,

Are you ready to build bridges to success and show off your business expertise? Do you want to attend exhilarating workshops and network with members? If so, we encourage you to attend the Middle-Level State Leadership Conference (ML-SLC) on February 27th, 2018 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry!

Throughout this year, we have been creating our intricate bridges by attending chapter activities, conferences, and participating in competitive events. At this conference, you can put your skills to the test and compete for a top spot on the state stage. The top winner in each event at the ML SLC will advance to the 2018 National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland!

In addition to competition, at this conference members will elect the 2018-2019 Middle-Level State Officers! It will be an exciting day; we can’t wait to see you and your chapter in Perry! For more information on the ML-SLC, visit this link. In addition, advisers can register members for the ML SLC on the Adviser LiveBinder.

See you in February!

Getting Ready for FBLA Week

In a couple of months, after winter break has passed and second semester is in full swing, it will be time for  FBLA-PBL Week! This year, FBLA-PBL week is February 4th-10th! Get excited, because this is the time to celebrate FBLA and show all of your friends and peers the great opportunities that our organization has to offer. From competition, to business skills, to professional dress, FBLA has many programs and opportunities that help to to bring business and education together. During this week, your chapter can educate the public on all that we do!

Here are popular ways to celebrate FBLA-PBL Week:

  • Sunday: Share Your FBLA-PBL Story Day-Share your FBLA-PBL story on social media. Tell why you joined, your favorite FBLA-PBL memory, or what FBLA-PBL has done for you. Tag your story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #FBLAPBLWeek.
  • Monday: National Presidents’ Forum & Fight to the Finish-All three division national presidents (FBLA, PBL, and Professional Division) host a live Internet broadcast to kick off FBLA-PBL Week.
  • Tuesday: Each One Reach One Day- Talk to peers and community members about your FBLA-PBL experiences. And, of course, ask them to join!
  • Wednesday: Professional Attire Day/Adviser Appreciation Day- Dress for success and share your appreciation for those that teach, lead, and mentor your chapter.
  • Thursday: Career Awareness Day- Get involved with your Professional Division and connect with community leaders.
  • Friday: FBLA-PBL Spirit Day-Show your FBLA-PBL pride by posting a group photo to the Georgia FBLA and National FBLA Facebook pages using #FBLAWeek on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Saturday: Community Service Day-Choose a community service project to support. Suggested activities include working with the March of Dimes, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or conducting a blood drive.

In addition to these activities, your chapter can also brainstorm some ideas that celebrate FBLA. For example, a good idea is to incorporate member appreciation–officers can create goody bags with candy and treats for chapter members. This is also a good time to have a social, bringing your chapter together to relax. The possibilities are endless; we are eager to see how you celebrate FBLA Week! In addition to using #FBLAWeek, tag your posts with #GAFBLA so members and advisers across the state can see how you are celebrating!