Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Leader Activity 5)

“Help your chapter organize and conduct an environmental service project, i.e., litter clean-up, donate energy efficient light bulbs to senior citizens, celebrate Earth Day, volunteer to help teachers ‘clear the clutter’ and clean up their classrooms, sponsor a coloring contest (using an environmental picture) for elementary students after presenting a skit or presentation about the environment, etc.

This is a great activity for you and your chapter because it has so many benefits. Not only are you helping to create a better atmosphere for your school and community, but you can count these service hours towards the Community Service Awards, and you are helping to promote FBLA through community involvement and servant leadership. This activity also spreads awareness about the environment and what citizens can do to improve it.

Final Push for BAAs

Make sure your members are starting to complete their BAAs! The Business Achievement Awards is a great program that allows members to grow in their leadership skills. The BAAs consist of three different categories that keep members engaged: Service, Education, and Progress. It’s not too late for members to get signed up and complete a level of this program, but keep in mind that the deadlines are approaching fast. The Future, Business, and Leader levels of the BAA program are due on March 1st and the America Level is due on April 25th. This may seem like plenty of time, but with Region Leadership Conferences and State Leadership Testing, our members have to be diligent and work ahead to ensure they complete these rewarding activities!

FBLA Scholarships and National Recognition

One of the most rewarding perks of being in a student organization such as FBLA is access to a number of scholarships sponsored by universities, other organizations, and FBLA. These scholarships are an excellent way to receive financial aid to further your education in a college university system.

These scholarships can be found at on the FBLA-PBL National Website.  

Take advantage of these benefits that are available to you for simply being a member. Let all your hard work with this organization be payed back in the form of recognition or scholarships!


Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

Lectures in the classroom can often cause students to lose focus, so to keep them attentive by giving them a creative assignment that can engage each student personally!

For this month’s activity idea, students will create a business of their own. They are responsible for a name, logo, and product or service. They will have to write a paper similar to a business plan that would include the goals of the business and the budget.

Each teacher can add more requirements to the paper as needed. You could even have the students pitch the new business to you and the class as if they would to get investors. This is a great activity for any future entrepreneurs!

SLC Ribbons – Getting Ready for SLC

The State Leadership Conference (SLC) is coming up soon, so it’s time to start getting ready! At the Region Leadership Conference (RLC), you will find out if you have advanced to SLC in your event. If you do not qualify for SLC, do not fear! Ask your adviser about straight to state events that start at SLC.

One of the most exciting parts of any conference is the ribbons! You can receive special decorative ribbons to deck out your conference name badges for our annual Run for the Ribbons Campaign. Participate in many projects and see how many ribbons you can earn.

A full list of ribbons can be found in the Chapter Planning Guide. There will also be additional, fun ribbons for sale at the Marketplace.