Douglas County High School Pantry Replenishment Project

Many students at Douglas County High School find themselves in need of food either at school or over a weekend or holiday break. DCHS FBLA Officers of the chapter proposed collecting food to replenish the school’s pantry so that when students returned from the Christmas break there would not be a shortage. The coordinator of the pantry had shared with our members that often the pantry is depleted right before a long break. Members collected a wagon full of easy to prepare items that students can get in the pantry and carry home with them or have at school.

Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

What better way to teach students about business than to have them run a business! Opening a student run school store is a great idea to get students more involved and learning about entrepreneurship. As a group brainstorm different types of products or services your small business could provide, then make it a reality. With teacher approval and supervision your small business can become a successful learning experience.

Presentation Tips

Region Leadership Conferences are only days away and many of you will be competing in a presentation event, so here are some quick presentation tips.

  • Look professional- The judges will be evaluating your appearance. This not only includes if what you are wearing is within the dress code, but if you look nervous. Be confident in yourself and your presentation.
  • Act confident- Walk in with a smile introduce yourself to the judges and shake their hands before your presentation starts. This sets up a good setting for a good presentation.
  • Breathe- You have practiced this presentation countless times and you are ready to show it to the judges. Stay calm, don’t rush through it speak slowly and clearly. If you forget your next line or mess up a word just take a deep breath and keep going.
  • Avoid Fillers- When you can’t think of the right word try to avoid saying words such as “um” “uh” “so” or “like”.

Good luck to everyone competing at RLC, we hope to see you competing at the State Leadership Conference in March.

February’s Public Relations Activity of the Month

The month of February presents a multitude of opportunities for your chapter to connect with legislators.  For instance, since February is national CTE (Career and Technology Education) month, your chapter has an outstanding platform to approach your representatives in favor for career and technology education. In fact, try writing a letter to your representatives or inviting them to speak at a meeting. Even better, join your state officers for CTSO day at the capitol, an opportunity to personally advocate for FBLA. CTSO day will be Thursday, February 21st at the Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta.

The second week of February is also home to FBLA-PBL week. Many chapters seize this chance to gain publicity in their local communities. For example, your chapter’s volunteer service for Saturday’s “Community Service Day” could land you in a local newspaper. Even better, your chapter’s Spirit Day picture could become viral, using the hashtag, #FBLAPBLWeek. FBLA-PBL week offers countless opportunities to increase your chapter’s membership and relevance in your community.

Fundraising Activity of the Month – Raffles

Lotteries have been one of the most successful business ventures in history, as people are naturally drawn towards large rewards, regardless of how minuscule the odds of winning are. A great fundraiser to host in your chapter, school, or community is a raffle! They are fairly easy to setup and can help raise substantial amounts of money.

The key to a raffle is having an organized method for counting who bought what ticket and ensuring that you reach a wide audience. Another key thing is to incentivize your audience. Ensuring that you have a good prize will create s substantially larger interest from your audience. For example, if doing it within your chapter, you may choose to offer free conference registration, if doing it within your school or community you may set up prizes such as gift cards.

After advertising, the easiest way to track which ticket belongs to which person is through a spreadsheet or any other method electronically. Give your fundraiser a bit of time to build up steam, and after hitting your goal, you can perform the raffle and notify your winners. It’s a great way to raise money, and some people win prizes along the way!