LEAD Activity of the Month- March

Gold Level: Leadership: Activity 4: Buddy Up!

“Mentor a new ML member or shadow a high school FBLA member.”

This activity is a great way to share your experience and get practice being a leader who uplifts others. As a 7th or 8th grade member, you probably have experience from the previous years. By partnering with a new 6th grade member, you can help mentor them to find opportunities where they are interested or to show them new things to try!

You can also reach out to your local high school chapter and partner with a high school member. This is your chance to get all their advice and plan for your years in high school FBLA! There are so many opportunities that carry on through to high school, but also so many new ones that can expand what you are able to do as a student.

Remember to take pictures with your partner and to write up a short 100-word essay to tell us about what you got out of your experience!

Social Activity of the Month – March

As the State Leadership Conference approaches, it is important to keep members engaged and energized! Try an SLC Competitors Social after school one day with food, drinks, and lots of fun. Consider hosting the event the day of State Testing, to give testers a reward for all their hard work. Recognize members for what they compete in and show that the officers appreciate their hard work and dedication to FBLA. This is also a great time to recognize those who are performing in live events at SLC, and to give them an opportunity to shine. The event doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, just get a few pizzas and a few liters of drinks and you are good to go!

March Meeting Tip of the Month

It is finally time for the State Leadership Conference! This month, make sure you recognize the members who attended and placed at SLC, and make a special announcement about those members who will be attending the National Leadership Conference. This is a great opportunity to show your member’s success through social media and local newspapers. This month would also be a great time to promote competitive events and conferences to the underclassman for next year. Make sure you celebrate the members who have taken the extra step to compete this month at your meeting.

NLC Preview

The 2019 National Leadership Conference will be here before we know it! This year’s NLC will be held in San Antonio, Texas from June 29 – July 2. It is the perfect opportunity to compete at the national level, attend world class workshops, and network with members from across the country.

The city of San Antonio has offerings for everyone. From a stroll down the famous River Walk, to visiting historic sites, to even Sea World, San Antonio can entertain every group. Consider visiting the legendary Alamo Mission for exciting history, or Six Flags San Antonio for some thrilling rides. No matter what you like, San Antonio has something for you.

Although NLC will be here sooner than we think, there is still time to qualify! If you place in the top 4 in most events (see Chapter Planning Guide for more information), you will advance to NLC. In San Antonio, you will be able to compete with other FBLA members from across the United States, and even make it to the national stage. Last year GA FBLA had 97 top ten finishes, and we hope to continue growing this year!

We wish you the best of luck in all of your FBLA activities and endeavors and hope to see you soon at our State Leadership Conference!