Membership Recruitment Idea #1

So… maybe your membership just is not where it used to be? Or possibly you are trying to raise membership to win chapter of the year? Whatever the reason is, you need to host a membership rush week.

Here are some tips to have a successful Rush Week:

  1. Do not host rush week the first or second week of school because your members may be too busy with other things, and also, many of the new students may not have been exposed to the high school environment just yet. The ideal time to host a rush week would be the last week in August or in September. It is the perfect time. Students will have settled in, and they will be less overwhelmed.
  2. To successfully pull off Rush Week, you definitely need to advertise and get the word out to the school about what your chapter is doing. Hang posters, put it on announcements, and take advantage of social media to raise awareness for this week and get more clout!
  3. MAKE CATCHY SLOGANS! (e.g. Tropical Tuesday, Frozen Friday, etc.) Live up to the slogan’s name. For example, on Tropical Tuesday, offer students a tropical themed treat if they join FBLA. This could be Tropical Starbursts or tropical drinks with an umbrella parasol. Just have anything tropical themed. You could also have members dress up according to the theme of the day.

If you follow these three simple steps, your chapter’s FBLA Membership Rush Week is sure to be a success!

Vision for Your Financial Future State Project

Every year Georgia FBLA has a state project. This year’s state project is “Vision for Your Financial Future.” The purpose of the project is to serve as a tool to teach students about personal finance.

The goals of the project are simple. Students should be able understand the 5 C’s of Credit, along with the components of insurance. After that, they will be able to identify various investment and retirement opportunities and career opportunities in finance. Lastly, students will develop a budget while partnering with local financial institutions.

New To FBLA?

Welcome to Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)! We are the world’s leading premiere student business organization. There are things you should know before joining. FBLA is not a club, it is a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO). This means that FBLA strives to provide opportunities for academic development, personal growth, as well as career preparation.

Take advantage of all the opportunities available during your time as an FBLA member. Conferences are a great start. The Fall Motivational Rally at Perry Fair and Fall Leadership Conference in Athens are both great ways to get involved, and they’re coming up soon!

Competitions are also a big part of FBLA. It doesn’t matter if your passion is public speaking, testing, or doing reports. We have a wide range of competitions that make it easy to find one that works for you.

Talk to your local FBLA adviser about how you can join today!

Recruiting Middle Level Chapters

The middle level division of FBLA is a great opportunity to introduce middle school students to the enormous benefits FBLA has to offer. There are various competitions and conferences FBLA holds. During this time, students sharpen their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. In return, this prepares them for high school and the workplace.

High school chapters are a great way to facilitate the chartering of a middle level chapter. The high school advisers/members/officers can provide essential guidance to middle level advisers and members about registering for conferences, competing, and overall running a successful chapter. Additionally, high schools can gain chapter of the year points for chartering a middle level chapter. Some easy ways to provide guidance for new chapters is to send high school officers to a middle level meeting to speak on the benefits of FBLA and engage in leadership games/exercises with the students.

August Social Activity of the Month

The Georgia FBLA social activity of the month for August is an FBLA classic. It is called FBLA Bingo. The activity is played similarly to traditional bingo in that the goal is to complete a row of squares. This is done by networking with other members to find information matching to each individual square. When the member finds a match, they should get the signature of the member in the square. The first member to complete the activity and turn in their card will win a prize. This is a simple game to motivate members to network and meet new people within their local chapter.