Meeting Tip of the Month – December

The holidays are finally here! While you and your members are busy jingle bell rocking and filling up stockings, keep in mind that keeping members involved is a year-round responsibility for officers. Members are enjoying holiday festivities as the year winds down, so why not celebrate altogether as an FBLA chapter?

This month’s tip is to dedicate a meeting for a holiday social event! Consider offering games, sweets, prizes, and other fun activities to get members excited, and assign the set-up tasks to different officers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

When you picture an FBLA meeting, your mind likely does not conjure up images of students enjoying frosted cookies and singing Christmas karaoke, but it is never a bad idea to break up monotony by dedicating a meeting to pure, unadulterated fun.

While members are there, offer updates and reminders about upcoming chapter activities or FBLA events in general. For instance, make sure your competitors do not forget that RLC is coming up very soon!

Enjoy the holidays, and do it together! Celebrating can be a bonding experience for all, and it only takes one meeting to get new and old members engaged with all the holly, jolly fun of FBLA.

What Is Triple Trifecta?

Get involved with our awesome state initiative, Triple Trifecta!

It focuses on three aspects: recruiting members, community service, and developing leaders in hopes of encouraging members to stay active and motivated throughout the year. Each one is called a “Trifecta”, and each has three tiers.

For each Trifecta your chapter completes, members will receive an additional ribbon at the State Leadership Conference. If your chapter completes all three Trifectas, you will be recognized on stage at SLC and will receive a plaque to award your awesome achievement!

Membership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. An adviser must reach 100% class participation in FBLA for 1 class.
  2. Chapter membership must increase by 20% OR 20 members (whichever is reached first).
  3. 5 members must complete Membership Madness.

Service Trifecta Requirements:

  1. 20% of members OR 20 members must complete “Community” level of the Community Service Achievement program (CSA).
  2. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the school.
  3. Chapter must participate in 5 service projects for the community.

Leadership Trifecta Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 5 members representing a chapter must attend Rally, FLC, RLC, and register for SLC.
  2. 50 members or 20% of membership must compete (RLC and SLC competitive event registrations will be totaled).
  3. 20% of members OR 20 members must complete the “Future” level of the Business Achievement Awards (BAA).

The Triple Trifecta program presents an amazing opportunity to grow your chapter, get members active with FBLA’s various programs and events, and earn rewards for your chapter at SLC!