Icebreaker of the Month — January

Coming back to school after a long Christmas break can be quite a struggle. So when you first get members back together to continue the rest of the year, why not start with an icebreaker to smooth the way and get people engaged and looking forward to a new year!

Have members sit down and reevaluate the year of 2019 and see what goals they set for that year and see if they have accomplished them. If not, encourage the members to achieve those goals in 2020 by creating another vision board or something that can outline their goals and plans for the year.

To encourage members and keep them on track with their goals, have each person choose an Accountability Partner that will check in and see if they are working towards accomplishing those goals. As leaders, it is essential that we too have accountability partners to help push us along the way.

Public Relations Activity — January

The end of Region Leadership Conferences is the perfect time to celebrate your chapter’s winners! Host an RLC Winners Reception to recognize the members who exceeded in their competitions. Invite both winners and the rest of the chapter.

During the event, recognize your Region Winners and State Qualifiers. They deserve credit for all of their hard work. This will put a smile on their faces, and encourage them to study hard so they can succeed at SLC. This will also encourage other members to work harder for next year’s events and straight to state events.

Also, make sure you are preparing your members for the State Leadership Conference. We are only 1 month from SLC! At your meeting, you could have your members present or just have a study session for your testing competitors. Encourage your members to study and to get excited by showing pictures of your chapter from the 2018 SLC or by recognizing your Region winners. Get your members excited about SLC this month at your meeting!

Food makes any activity better. If your event is before school, pick up some donuts and coffee. If it is later in the day, pizza is always an inexpensive way to feed a crowd. Encourage members to meet new people and network while they eat: it will be a great way for younger members to talk to those more experienced in competitions. However you structure your event: just remember to make it fun!

Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month-January

Welcome to 2020! I hope your holiday break was filled with memories and happiness! With the start of the new semester, local chapters need to be focused on…Chapter of The Year!


This month, I’m going to show you how your local chapter can earn points for participation in state and national FBLA programs.


Let’s go back to the Chapter of the Year entry form and go to the FBLA Programs/Projects section: The first subsection is Participation in the Business Achievements Awards Recognition Program. You can receive a range of 1-15 points if each student completes a level in their BAAs.


The next subsection is Participation in the Georgia FBLA State Project-Vision for Your Financial Future! 1 point will be awarded for each 10 points you do and you can receive 5 points for completing prior state projects.


The final subsection I will be talking about is Participation in the Community Service Awards Recognition Program. If any member completes a level in their CSAs, they can receive a range from 2-10 points for their chapter.


If you have any questions about Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser Monty Rhodes at





Classroom Integration Idea of the Month-January

This month’s Classroom Integration Idea of the Month is focused on impromptu speaking. Many people struggle with this, but with practice, we can all work towards improving our on-the-spot speaking ability. To complete this activity, gather a list of topics students could speak about. This could range from “What is your favorite color?” to “Describe the perfect sunset”. Have students randomly draw topics from a hat or bowl. Allow them to practice in small groups with 1 minute to prepare and 1 minute to speak. Afterwards, have groups give constructive criticism about certain strengths and weaknesses. With this activity, I hope you can all work towards improving your impromptu speaking ability.

Getting Ready for the 2020 SLC

The 2020 Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference is right around the corner! As usual, we will be in beautiful downtown Atlanta at the Hyatt Regency. As you prepare for competitions and the upcoming Region Leadership Conferences, there is some useful information to keep in mind regarding the State Leadership Conference. Make sure to start prepping as early as possible for the state competition! Go over your projects with your peers and advisers and revise what needs to be corrected. All competition resources can be found on the Georgia FBLA website. Also, be reminded that SLC will be fast-paced, and last-minute changes may not be feasible. Because of this, make sure you show up to SLC prepared for your competition. Review the dress code and make sure you have everything you need so that you do not get a point deduction. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun! Good luck to all of you!