Public Relations Activity — February

The month of February presents a multitude of opportunities for your chapter to connect with legislators. Since February is national CTE (Career and Technology Education) month, your chapter has an outstanding platform to approach your representatives in favor of career and technology education. In fact, try writing a letter to your representatives or inviting them to speak at a meeting. Even better, join your state officers for CTSO Day at the Capitol (February 13th), an opportunity to personally advocate for FBLA. CTSO day will be Thursday, February 21st at the Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta.

The second week of February is also home to FBLA-PBL week. Many chapters seize this chance to gain publicity in their local communities. For example, your chapter’s volunteer service for Saturday’s “Community Service Day” could land you in a local newspaper. Even better, your chapter’s Spirit Day picture could become viral, using the hashtag, #FBLAPBLWeek. FBLA-PBL week offers countless opportunities to increase your chapter’s membership and relevance in your community.

Icebreaker of the Month — February

This month’s Icebreaker is an FBLA Kahoot! The way that the game works is like this:

Players must get on their phones and sign into a Kahoot that the officers have made. The members can either be in teams or alone. The officers should use some FBLA trivia and some pop-culture trivia.

Three ways to make the game harder are:

  • Use very discrete information – Rather than making the answers obvious to those who might know FBLA, try and stump them!
  • Create obstacles – They must figure out how to do it with both their hands together.
  • Make the questions very easy- Make the questions as easy as possible so that it a game to see who can answer the fastest!

The purpose of this game is to show your members how much fun FBLA is, and it is a great way to get them excited to hear whatever information you are sharing in that particular meeting. It is also a great option to help your members learn more about FBLA. Have them try out this fun new icebreaker at your next meeting!

March for Babies Reminder

The March of Dimes, FBLA-PBL’s national service partner, is a charitable organization whose proceeds help fund research to prevent premature births, birth defects, and birth mortality.  The March for Babies is a walking event that takes place in over 1,100 communities in the nation every year. Thousands of people gather and walk together to raise money for this great organization.

For your chapter to participate in a march near you visit and click the signup box. Select a location near you and then Start a New Team. Your chapter can then create a team and all of your members can sign up to participate.

If you are unable to attend a walk near you, you can Donate or Participate in a virtual walk online.

The proceeds go towards funding research to prevent premature birth. The March of Dimes has different ways you can get involved. You can create a team and sign up to participate in a walk near you or you can participate in a virtual walk online. The March of Dimes not only is an amazing organization but is also FBLA’s largest service partner.

FBLA-PBL has been ranked the top March of Dimes youth fundraising partner for over 40 years. This is a great way to help the March of Dimes and get your chapter more involved in giving back. Visit the March for Babies website for more information on what they do and exactly how your contributions are making a difference.

Social Activity of the Month

As the Region Leadership Conferences are coming to an end and the State Leadership Conferences are coming up, it is the perfect time to celebrate your chapter’s winners! Host an RLC Winners party to recognize the members who succeeded in their competitions. Invite both winners, and the rest of the chapter. During the celebration, recognize your region winners and state qualifiers. They deserve credit for all of their hard work. This will put a smile on their faces, and encourage them to study hard so they can succeed at SLC. This will also encourage other members to work harder for next year’s events, and strait to state events.

Get Ready for FBLA Week!

Who’s ready for FBLA Week?

Every year FBLA chapters and members from across the country take time to celebrate and promote FBLA in their schools and community. Use this time to encourage your fellow classmates who are not members to join our organization! This is a great way to reach out to others and bring in new people to get involved! Be sure to start thinking of some great activities you and your chapter can celebrate in order to show off your FBLA chapter to your entire school and community. FBLA week always takes place during the second week of February. This year it will take place from February 2-8th, 2020. Georgia FBLA can’t wait to see what creative ideas you and your chapter will come upon with. Be sure to use the #gafbla when posting FBLA activity on social media.