FUNdraising Activity of the Month!

An emerging past time for the enjoyment of all ages is coloring pages. The fundraising idea incorporates the fun, stress-relieving aspects of coloring pages and integrates all that with an opportunity for your local-chapter to fundraise to cover expenses inquired throughout the year.

Your chapter has great flexibility with this fundraising idea; however, the core of it is primarily static, such elements include: (i.) creating from scratch or reusing accessible ones cleared for modification, re-use, and sale, (ii.) printing off the coloring pages and sorting them based on price assessed through difficultly or intricacy of the activity (deemed as such from estimated time necessary for completion), (iii.) selling the pages in order to generate funds for the chapter.

Some conditions that must be met prior to setting up shop and fundraising therein, include: (i.) obtain permission to fundraise out of school (check with CTAE department head), (ii.) receive permission to use resources provided by the school or perhaps use paper and printer separate from the school, (iii.) [lastly,] have the ability to sell the coloring pages; for instance, as a member of your school you know what works best for your school as such the approach for fundraising might differentiate slightly from other school. To further act on this, this proposal embodies the core factors that would go into this fundraiser in order to achieve uniformity across all schools yet some fundraising ideas are not suites to various school types. Be prepared to plan accordingly and perhaps altogether switch fundraising strategies, approaches, or even ideas entirely. If you don’t succeed the first time, try — try again.

Overall, I hope your chapter is able to prosper this school year and I look forward to seeing this idea come to live within each-and-every one of your schools. Best of luck fundraising!