Icebreaker of the Month

Sometimes meetings can be hard to start in the right direction. A fun way to cut the tension and get excited about your meeting is starting with an icebreaker. A good way to start off your meetings in the beginningĀ of the semester is an icebreaker with introductions. Members will be able to meet their fellow FBLA peers and get to know the people around them better. This icebreaker is called” Let’s Make Small Talk”. First, tell all your members to stand up, walk around, and introduce themself to another student in the room. Have them say their name, grade, and their favorite of a category you pick, have them explain why that was their favorite. Let the students do this for thirty seconds at a time until you say switch and they meet at least five other members. Here are some examples for categories to pick: movies, restaurants, sports, school subjects, football team, or role model. Chapter officers can explain this by showing them a live scenario of how it is done. Hopefully, this is a good way for members to get to know each other and start the meeting in the right direction. Good luck!