LEAD Activity of the Month- March

Gold Level: Leadership: Activity 4: Buddy Up!

“Mentor a new ML member or shadow a high school FBLA member.”

This activity is a great way to share your experience and get practice being a leader who uplifts others. As a 7th or 8th grade member, you probably have experience from the previous years. By partnering with a new 6th grade member, you can help mentor them to find opportunities where they are interested or to show them new things to try!

You can also reach out to your local high school chapter and partner with a high school member. This is your chance to get all their advice and plan for your years in high school FBLA! There are so many opportunities that carry on through to high school, but also so many new ones that can expand what you are able to do as a student.

Remember to take pictures with your partner and to write up a short 100-word essay to tell us about what you got out of your experience!