Local Recruitment of Chapters Award

Many of our chapters have already reached stellar heights in membership recruitment efforts, building bridges to a successful year; but did you know that recruitment does not have to be limited to just members? You can also recruit local chapters and even get recognized with the Local Recruitment of Chapters Award. Here are some ways that your chapter can start building bridges to other local chapters:

  • Get in contact with local unchartered chapters: Email and get in touch with local schools that don’t have a chapter at all. Try to get in touch with their CTSO program and offer your help to start a FBLA chapter.
  • Reactivate deactivated chapters: Email and get in contact with recently deactivated chapters. Try to understand the reasons the chapter was deactivated and help alleviate the problem. For example, if interest declined, offer to send members over to help develop the local interest. Or if an adviser left, try emailing other teachers in the CTSO program to see if they are available to sponsor the chapter.
  • How to get chapters started: When you have 5 members, you should email Monty Rhodes. He will walk you through the process of contacting the national office , submitting a Chapter Request Form, and accessing the Georgia FBLA Chapter Management LiveBinder. Once the national office receives your contact information, you will receive a charter number and password and you will be able to add anyone you have recruited!