Meeting Tip of the Month #4

Before you begin to read this article, I want you to answer these questions to yourself. How many members attend your local chapter meetings? Out of those members, how many are attentive and actually participate? How many fall asleep? This month, I would like to focus on increase meeting attendance and overall experience. Compile a sign-in sheet with the names of all of your registered members and ask all who attend to sign the form. Then, you should separate the members who attended the meeting from those who chose not to attend. E-mail the members who didn’t attend the reason and ask if there was a specific reason why they chose not to attend. Now, for those who did attend the meeting, ask a series of question relating to the overall experience such as, the speaker, the setup, and any other elements they would like to see incorporated within the meeting. Asking for member’s feedback gives them a sense of importance and show that you have your member’s  best interest at heart.