Membership Recruitment Idea #1

So… maybe your membership just is not where it used to be? Or possibly you are trying to raise membership to win chapter of the year? Whatever the reason is, you need to host a membership rush week.

Here are some tips to have a successful Rush Week:

  1. Do not host rush week the first or second week of school because your members may be too busy with other things, and also, many of the new students may not have been exposed to the high school environment just yet. The ideal time to host a rush week would be the last week in August or in September. It is the perfect time. Students will have settled in, and they will be less overwhelmed.
  2. To successfully pull off Rush Week, you definitely need to advertise and get the word out to the school about what your chapter is doing. Hang posters, put it on announcements, and take advantage of social media to raise awareness for this week and get more clout!
  3. MAKE CATCHY SLOGANS! (e.g. Tropical Tuesday, Frozen Friday, etc.) Live up to the slogan’s name. For example, on Tropical Tuesday, offer students a tropical themed treat if they join FBLA. This could be Tropical Starbursts or tropical drinks with an umbrella parasol. Just have anything tropical themed. You could also have members dress up according to the theme of the day.

If you follow these three simple steps, your chapter’s FBLA Membership Rush Week is sure to be a success!