Membership Recruitment Idea-November


As we glide into the holiday season, it’s a perfect to time spread the cheer of FBLA to new members. Celebrate this month by collaborating with other organizations and clubs in your local school to reach new groups of potential members. By collaborating in events, you promote FBLA to members that might have been too preoccupied to otherwise notice. Here are some tips to help you in your collaborative efforts:

  • Check with organization to see if there are any upcoming events. If so, offer your chapter’s help with anything that is needed. This is a great way to collaborate as you are not necessarily having to plan a new event. Instead, all that is necessary is to help and to the execution.
  • If there is no upcoming event that is fit for a collaboration, don’t be discouraged and plan your own with another organization. Find another organization that shares similar goals and organize your own. Some possible options are community service projects or social events.
  • During the event, make sure to make FBLA’s presence known. Encourage people to wear FBLA merchandise and encourage members to talk with other people. A great way to do this on a service event is to divide people into groups that contain people from both groups. If you’re holding a social event, encourage people to get to know members of other organizations.