MHS FBLA Homecoming Spirit Chains

Every year during Homecoming Week, Metter High School FBLA organizes a Spirit Chain fundraiser with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes. Each grade has a designated collection jar for their class. Students are asked to donate money to purchase spirit chain links throughout the week. For each dollar donated, the class will receive one spirit chain link. Additionally, each spirit chain link is worth one point that counts towards the Homecoming Spirit Stick which is awarded at the end of the week. To add suspense to the competition, only the FBLA Advisers know how much money is collected by each grade. All of the money is counted and the spirit chains are made at the end of the week. During the Homecoming pep rally, Class Presidents are called down to the field and given a box that holds the chain for their grades. As the March of Dimes donations are announced, the student presidents open the boxes, pull their links, and stretch them out to see who has the longest chain. The class that has the longest chain wins. MHS FBLA has a goal of raising $500. This year we exceeded that goal by raising a total of $504 during Homecoming Week. MHS FBLA chapter also donates to the March of Dimes in addition to the money that was raised from the spirit chain link sales.