Official Dress Overview + Competitive Event Changes

FBLA Official Dress is needed in order to compete in all high school performance events at the Region Leadership Conference (RLC) and State Leadership Conference (SLC). Components of official dress include: navy blue blazer with FBLA patch, dress khaki skirt or slacks or a matching navy blue suit with the FBLA patch, white dress shirt, dress shoes (no boots, sandals, or tennis shoes), and the official blue FBLA necktie.

If a skirt is worn,  ensure it is no more than two inches above the knee. The FBLA patch should be sewn over the left chest pocket. We encourage your chapter to show their Georgia FBLA pride by adopting the official dress uniform of Georgia FBLA. 

Be sure to know your competitive event regulations and rubrics before competing. The following are important alterations to FBLA’s competitive events you’ll want to learn about:

  • The report length for Business Plan has been shortened to 15 pages.
  • Now, the top 20 from the RLC objective test for Future Business Leader will advance to SLC.
  • There has been a performance component added to Local Chapter Annual Business Report at SLC and NLC.
  • In Social Media Campaign, the RLC prejudged component has been replaced with a presentation to a panel of judges.
  • No more super teams are allowed in case study events (Banking & Financial Systems, Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Hospitality Management, Management Decision Making, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Network Design, Parliamentary Procedure, and Sports & Entertainment Management) at SLC or NLC.