Running for State Office


If you are ready to elevate your role in FBLA from the chapter or region level to the state level, I hope this article prepares you well for your future endeavors. A state officer’s position is an experience that requires time, diligence and sacrifices. You must have a strong sense of responsibility, strong-mindedness, and dedication to FBLA. Serving as a state officer is more than just the title; it requires passionate members ready to fulfill their responsibilities in representing this incredible organization with prestige.


Before approaching the application, make sure that your family, school, and community understand the level of commitment you will be making.


  • that you have reached the prerequisite level of the Business Achievement Awards.
  • the number of absent days that will occur because of your possible state officer obligations. If it will hinder your good grades, you may consider taking less rigorous courses. Hopefully, you will be able to confirm your classes after determining your candidacy; but sometimes, that may not be the case.
  • with your parents, guidance counselor, or adviser about important FBLA dates and plan ahead.

Now that you have assessed if you are capable of holding such a responsibility, you should address these aspirations with your adviser as they must also be able to manage the workload and time with a state officer.


Next, the State Officer Application can be found on the LiveBinder. Completing this task is very intense. From the expected essays and letters of recommendation, there are other very important forms from school administration that must be submitted (eg. transcript, absence/tardies, transportation). Prepare the application binder properly and shipping the application by the deadline which is January 25th.

Mid-February, you will receive an email either confirming or denying your application. If you have made it to the State Officer Candidate Qualifying Round, congrats! The 2018-2019 Georgia FBLA State Executive Council hopes to see you there and wishes you the best of luck!