SHS FBLA helps Earth Day be a success!

Members of the Sonoraville Chapter of FBLA joined forces with the Environmental Science classes to clean the surrounding area of the school and the school campus on Friday, April 22, 2016. The FBLA members picked up trash on the side of the road, as well as, recycled plastics, aluminum, and paper products.  Student members raised awareness for Earth Day with posters promoting the purpose of saving Mother Earth.  Some FBLA members and students chose to ride a bicycle to school rather than drive to decrease pollution this year on Earth Day.  One SHS student even rode their horse to school.

The purpose of Earth Day is to clean up and to positively impact the environment surrounding the school.   Students cleaned trash off the roads, making the highways cleaner and encouragement was given to people passing to not throw out their trash.  Earth Day also helps spread awareness about the harmful effects of pollution. Teachers, students, parents, and staff at Sonoraville High were all made more aware of what they could do to make a difference.