American Enterprise Day at Bowdon Elementary School

This year’s Future Business Leaders of America  members at Bowdon High School in Bowdon, Georgia went to teach first graders about American Enterprise day. They made a presentation to explain what it represented and how it has an input on society. A time-honored tradition, American Enterprise Day reminds Americans of free enterprise and how it has contributed positively to the economy. Proclaimed to be observed by American president Jimmy Carter, American Enterprise Day lets students as well as adults learn the fundamentals and values of starting a business and the chances taken. Celebrated on November 15, FBLA takes this opportunity each year to educate and help prepare students for careers in business.   

 Giving the students an opportunity to increase confidence and work ethic, this day is crucial to the knowledge they possess to go out and pursue their own business ventures.


What is American Enterprise Day?

Future Business Leaders of America sets aside November 15 to celebrate American Enterprise Day. It is a great way to recognize how free enterprise has positively contributed to the economy. For example, if you work for someone else, you choose the occupation that you wanted to pursue. The owners of the businesses you work for make it possible for people to purchase the goods and services that they need. Because of free enterprise you can make decisions like that, on your own.

This day was started by Jimmy Carter, who made a Presidential Proclamation on August 8, 1980. That was almost 40 years ago, and to this day we observe American Enterprise Day on November 15. His goal was to educate young people about capitalism through the organization of Future Business Leaders of America.

There are numerous activities that your chapter can do to celebrate American Enterprise Day. That could mean inviting a local business to come speak to your school, preparing class skits, or even running an essay contest. Whatever project your chapter chooses to undertake in is an opportunity to teach someone else about the importance of the free enterprise system.

Getting Ready for American Enterprise Day

On November 15, FBLA-PBL will celebrate it’s annual American Enterprise Day. It can only benefit you to prepare early. So here is a list of things you could  do.

American Enterprise Day Ideas

  • Invite a guest speaker to your school
  • Have students put together a skit to present to the class about the American enterprise system
  • Create an activity booklet
  • Ask local businesses to come and present a small workshop
  • Have students dress up in red, white, and blue
  • Design a bulletin board
  • Create a trivia game about the American enterprise system
  • Create an American Enterprise Day video to show to class on November 15
  • Contact your local news station and have them capture your activities
  • Decorate the school and classrooms

With these tips and ideas, your American Enterprise Day is sure to inspire!

American Enterprise Day is a Hit at Bleckley High While Raising Money for March of Dimes

Bleckley FBLA stormed Bleckley High with a combination of Penny Wars and Blue Jeans for Babies the week of November 13-17. We were super pleased with all of the participation shown by our student body as they went to war raising coins for March of Dimes, learning about the many preventative measures that can be taken to prevent premature birth as well as all of the many things that the March of Dimes does for families in need when struck with a premature birth.

We also celebrated American Enterprise Day making note of the importance of small business and entrepreneurship especially here in our small town. We are very excited to announce that we had a 3-Way tie for winners of most Red, White and Blue for American Enterprise Day and would like to congratulate Jordan S., Brittanie J., and Susan G.

What is American Enterprise Day?

What is so special about November 15th? This date salutes and publicizes the American free enterprise system and teaches others about it! This is a great time to recognize how valuable our free enterprise system and get get involved in the celebration.

Check out the “Get Ready for American Enterprise Day” article for ideas!

We can’t wait to see how you and your chapter celebrate, so be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #GAFBLA!