Meeting Tip of the Month – Happy New Year!

New year, new you! Now that 2020 has officially kicked into high gear it’s important to take notice of the changes that need to be made around your local chapter, ensuring that nothing has turned bland or uninteresting to members, especially as they get used to be being back from a fun holiday break.

Your job as chapter leaders is to match, or continue, this energetic spirit without impeding on competitive event preparation or productivity. It’s a balancing act, but one that is imperative to make the most of all of your meetings. For your meeting this month, reinvent! Find another approach to competition preparation (maybe pair up competitors with experienced mentors) or switch up the meeting proceedings. If you normally start with the same announcements, maybe start with an icebreaker instead! There are plenty of icebreaker ideas on this state officer blog, so there’s no shortage of activities for you to plan.

Keep members on their toes if you want them to keep them coming back. The same-old can only get you so far– a prerequisite of growth is change!

Meeting Tip of the Month – December

The holidays are finally here! While you and your members are busy jingle bell rocking and filling up stockings, keep in mind that keeping members involved is a year-round responsibility for officers. Members are enjoying holiday festivities as the year winds down, so why not celebrate altogether as an FBLA chapter?

This month’s tip is to dedicate a meeting for a holiday social event! Consider offering games, sweets, prizes, and other fun activities to get members excited, and assign the set-up tasks to different officers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

When you picture an FBLA meeting, your mind likely does not conjure up images of students enjoying frosted cookies and singing Christmas karaoke, but it is never a bad idea to break up monotony by dedicating a meeting to pure, unadulterated fun.

While members are there, offer updates and reminders about upcoming chapter activities or FBLA events in general. For instance, make sure your competitors do not forget that RLC is coming up very soon!

Enjoy the holidays, and do it together! Celebrating can be a bonding experience for all, and it only takes one meeting to get new and old members engaged with all the holly, jolly fun of FBLA.

November Meeting Tip of the Month

As the temperature drops and the leaves continue to fall, it’s not uncommon for members to drift through November unmotivated and uninspired. Members are well aware of the competitive events they have chosen, but many see their deadlines as distant and non-concerning.

As officers, you have the opportunity to spark this motivation. Focus your meeting this month not on delivering information, but on presenting an inspiring message to move members to start studying, preparing, and working on their competitive events at this time. If you have a member who has gone far with their competitive event in years past (say, placing at state or even attending nationals!), consider having them speak about their experience.

Ask your members to draft a game plan of their event preparation before RLC rolls around: how will they study, memorize and polish a presentation, or learn the information they need in time? Encourage members to keep this plan clear and detailed.

Competitors that perform well in their events start preparing far in advance; make sure to emphasize this to your members. Some chapters require their members to present their work as it develops. While not necessary, a great way to facilitate this early start is to dedicate a meeting to competitive event planning and preparation.

For members who are not competing, don’t let them miss out on this opportunity to get motivated! Your motivational meeting should cover a wide range: have them get excited about attending future conferences, too!

Meeting Tip of the Month – October

It’s finally October, meaning the season of spooks and candy-bingeing is right around the corner! In FBLA, October is a pivotal time for chapter growth. No need to be afraid, though: with this month’s tip, there’s no need to be afraid.

FBLA is a huge organization with so many different opportunities and experiences– unfortunately, that means it’s easy for members to feel lost or overwhelmed. That’s where chapter leaders come in; they’re there to guide and give members a sense of direction.

Chapter members are only one part of the puzzle, however. This month, get other active members to speak to the chapter about their experience. This can be helpful when you have members with specific experiences no one else has (say, a select few have been to Nationals!). This is another way to deliver information, but it’s infinitely more engaging than having chapter officers deliver everything.

Spread the love! More speakers mean more interested members. Take this month to rethink how your chapter gives out information.

Good luck!

September Meeting Tip of The Month

Keeping members engaged during chapter meetings can be a constant struggle for the leadership of any chapter, no matter the size, time, or place. Universally, successful chapter leaders have to innovate to keep things fresh and interesting for their members. This means breaking up all the “usual” activities–  information dumps, preaching moments about the “benefits of FBLA”, and announcements — with something that engages everyone in the room. While it’s only appropriate to have in certain instances, an icebreaker can go a long way in achieving just this.

To pull this off, you might have to “push” the group into participation; often, people expecting to sit through another boring slideshow presentation are less inclined to be enthused for anything else. It’s a leader’s job to cultivate this enthusiasm: be loud (but not obnoxious), encouraging (but not forceful), and willing to teach (but not controlling)!

Before throwing them in at random points in your meeting schedule, be sure to consider what an icebreaker really is. It’s a fun game meant to familiarize your members with each other, either by sharing names or getting everyone comfortable. Take note: this means an icebreaker doesn’t necessarily fit when all your members know each other fairly well. The start of the year, however, is a perfect place to include them.

If you’re at a loss for specific icebreakers to include at your meetings, you’re in luck! There’s an “Icebreaker of the Month” article posted periodically on this blog, meaning there are dozens of ideas for you to choose from!

If you’re questioning if it’ll have an effect on your member engagement, give it a try! I promise you’ll notice fewer slumped faces and more wide smiles in no time.