Outstanding Chapter Award

The National FBLA Outstanding Chapter Award is an award given to chapters that have achieved excellence in various areas within their chapter.

This award requires chapters to complete twenty various activities, each of which showing achievement in areas such as membership, class participation, and FBLA participation.

Chapters must complete 20 activities to receive this award.

This award has an online submission that is due April 2nd this year by 5 PM ET. More information for this award can be found on the national website, linked here.

This is a great way to earn special recognition for your chapter and reward all the hard work your members and advisers have done! If you’re looking for some reward to motivate your chapter activities, this award is the perfect goal to strive for!

Running for State Office


If you are ready to elevate your role in FBLA from the chapter or region level to the state level, I hope this article prepares you well for your future endeavors. A state officer’s position is an experience that requires time, diligence and sacrifices. You must have a strong sense of responsibility, strong-mindedness, and dedication to FBLA. Serving as a state officer is more than just the title; it requires passionate members ready to fulfill their responsibilities in representing this incredible organization with prestige.


Before approaching the application, make sure that your family, school, and community understand the level of commitment you will be making.


  • that you have reached the prerequisite level of the Business Achievement Awards.
  • the number of absent days that will occur because of your possible state officer obligations. If it will hinder your good grades, you may consider taking less rigorous courses. Hopefully, you will be able to confirm your classes after determining your candidacy; but sometimes, that may not be the case.
  • with your parents, guidance counselor, or adviser about important FBLA dates and plan ahead.

Now that you have assessed if you are capable of holding such a responsibility, you should address these aspirations with your adviser as they must also be able to manage the workload and time with a state officer.


Next, the State Officer Application can be found on the LiveBinder. Completing this task is very intense. From the expected essays and letters of recommendation, there are other very important forms from school administration that must be submitted (eg. transcript, absence/tardies, transportation). Prepare the application binder properly and shipping the application by the deadline which is January 25th.

Mid-February, you will receive an email either confirming or denying your application. If you have made it to the State Officer Candidate Qualifying Round, congrats! The 2018-2019 Georgia FBLA State Executive Council hopes to see you there and wishes you the best of luck!

Public Relations Activity of the Month: December


With 2018 right around the corner, December is a great time to recognize and reward others for their hard work this year. This month, I suggest selecting members from your local chapter to recognize and reward with a sweet treat so they know they are appreciated! Did someone complete the America level of the Business Achievement Awards? Maybe a member showed extreme dedication in preparing for their competitive event or community service project? Write a card or dedicate a post to them on your chapter’s social media sites to remind them how much they matter to making your chapter and our organization such a great success! Continue rewarding the best bridges around and inspiring for the construction of more bridges this year!

Running for State Office

It is getting close to that time of year again. State Officer Applications are out! The informational packet, application, and candidate profile are located on LiveBinder. To apply for state office, you must:
– Currently be a sophomore or junior
– Be in 2nd year of FBLA (high school) membership
– Have at least 85/100 GPA
– Achieved leader level of BAA
– Enrolled physically 60% of the school day

Also, make sure to check out all dates on LiveBinder that you must attend if in state office. Do not apply if you can not make ALL required dates. State Officer Applications must be received by state office no later than January 22.

Good luck if you are applying! Being a Georgia FBLA State Officer is truly one of the best experiences to ever go through. You will learn new skills, travel the state, and SHINE with the 25,000 Georgia FBLA members! We are excited to see what 2017-2018 holds for Georgia FBLA.

Running for State Office

Running for State Office

You have seen them on stage: the navy blue blazers with the red scarves and white name tags.  You remember your first state conference and how exciting they made the atmosphere. You reflect on the admiration you hold for the state executive council. Do you have what it takes to be a state officer? Are you ready to take on the next chapter of your Georgia FBLA Story?

First, let’s talk about some requirements.

  • Must currently be a sophomore or junior
  • Must have completed the America level of the Business Achievement Awards
  • Must currently be a Region Officer
  • Must have application received by the January 22 deadline

If you meet all of those requirements, congratulations! You are one step closer to reaching your goal. But, be advised that being a state officer is much more than being on stage. State Officers attend several training sessions and serve as workers the entire duration of every conference. There are several mandatory dates you will be required to commit to in order to be a state officer throughout the entire duration of your term. If you cannot commit to those dates, you should consider running for a Region Officer position. Also, if you receive Governor’s Honors Program acceptance, you will have to choose between State Office and attending GHP.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to attend State Officer Qualifying on February 19-20. You will also receive an email from Monty informing you of presentation topics and guidelines. At qualifying, you will encounter several interviews, presentations, and state office alumni.

A few days after qualifying, you will receive another email from Monty. He will this time be informing you of whether or not you are eligible to run for state office. If you make it past Qualifying, you should prepare for your upcoming campaign at the State Leadership Conference. Remember that just because you made it past qualifying does not guarantee you will become a State Officer. Not everyone that makes it through qualifying will become an officer.

At the State Leadership Conference, you will be given the chance to campaign for your desired office. Depending on the amount of people that make it past qualifying will depend on the number of people you are running against for office. Remember that if you do not get elected, not to be too disappointed or end your Georgia FBLA Story, because you can still be a Region Officer!