Running Meetings Effectively

Meetings are an essential part of a local chapter’s operation. Meetings can be used as an avenue to network, conduct important business, and inform those in attendance. In order to run […]

Meeting Tip of the Month #3

The seasons have changed–fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and the infamous carving of pumpkins. This shift of seasons obviously co-asides with the shifts we are about to have in our […]

Getting Started with your BAAs

What are the BAAs? Business Achievement Awards, or simply BAA’s, is a high school leadership development program that is easy to integrate into your classroom. These cocurricular activities are aligned to the career […]

Fundraising Activity of the Month

Fundraising is crucial for any school club and organization. Since it seems like the autumn days are lingering for a little too long, a fun and interactive fundraising activity could […]