Union County High School Partners with the Blairsville Pickleball Club

UCHS FBLA is partnering with the Blairsville Pickleball Club in several ways.  FBLA members are developing their website and membership app and assisting the Pickleball Club Board in learning the new technology.  The FBLA Chapter will also assist the club with community service activities and work tournaments for the organization. The Pickleball Club is hosting a September tournament fundraiser for FBLA as we re-instate our chapter after 10 years without the student organization. Many of the 250 members of the Pickleball Club are retired business executives, technology gurus, and business owners.  The club has offered to serve as mentors to FBLA members in developing employability skills and preparing for competition.  The picture shown includes FBLA Officers: Paxton Meyer, President, John Mark Foster, Vice President, and Zachary Lucas, Secretary. Pickleball Club members pictured include: Vice President, Dave Campbell and News Reporter, Nancy Smith.