ECI Attends FLC

Members of the Emanuel County Institute FBLA Chapter travel to Athens, Georgia to attend the Fall Leadership Conference.


Recently, seventeen Emanuel County Institute FBLA members traveled to the Fall Leadership Conference held in Athens, Georgia on November 16-17 at the Classic Center. On this trip, members were able to participate in many fun activities, such as team building and problem-solving at Escape the Space and touring the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium. Aside from the fun and touring of Athens, FBLA members were given the opportunity to attend different leadership workshops, meet new people, prepare for competitions, and even play Monopoly against other FBLA chapters! While at the Classic Center, all members and advisers attending were able to compete for the Statesman Award and Battle of the Chapters. Two students, Jazmiyun Wilson and MacKayla Oglesby, and adviser, Mrs. Jessica Smith, earned the Statesman Award. The Battle of the Chapters team consisted of Abigail Cowart, Jenna Hinson, and MacKayla Oglesby. During the general session, those in attendance were able to listen to an awesome guest speaker, Mr. Bill Cordes. Mr. Cordes educated FBLA members and advisers on leadership, responsibility, and led the audience to believe that you only get out what you put in, or YOGOWIPI. ECI FBLA also received recognition for placing third in the Banner Competition. All members had a great time at the conference and are excited about the upcoming competition season!

Phoenix “Shine” in Athens

On November 16-17, the Sonoraville High School Future Business Leaders of America chapter traveled to Athens, Georgia to attend the Fall Leadership Conference.  Attending the conference were local officers Joann and John, and state officer, Catherine.  Also, in attendance, was Adviser Lisa Smith. The students attended workshops in business related subjects. The students also donated a scholarship basket, enabling seniors of SHS FBLA to apply for college scholarships.  John and Joann competed in the March of Dimes MONOPOLY Tournament to raise money for March of Dimes.  They also competed in the Battle of the Chapters competition.  Both SHS officers and Adviser Lisa Smith were awarded the Statesman Award for scoring 80 or higher on the FBLA knowledge test at the conclusion of the conference.

FLC Ribbons

Ribbons. We all know that they are one of the little things about a FBLA Conference that can really just make the conference more fun and a better experience. Ribbons are competitive as well. Let’s be honest, if your friend has 23 ribbons and you only have four, your friend is automatically cooler than you for the entire duration of the conference. So… how can you get these little three-inch slips of achievement to place onto your name badge? Easy. Work for them NOW. Get started as soon as possible and you will find yourself King (or Queen) of the Ribbons.

The following ribbons you can achieve to wear at FLC:

  • Adviser: This ribbon is for advisers attending the conference.
  • Alumni: This ribbon is for advisers that were members of FBLA in high school.
  • America: This ribbon is for members that have completed the America Level BAA in the past years or the current year.
  • Battle of the Chapters: Members competing in Battle of the Chapters at FLC
  • Chapter of the Year: Members and advisers of 2015 Gold/Silver/Bronze Chapters
  • Chapter President: Local Chapter Presidents attending FLC.
  • Conference Sponsor: Advisers of Future and Business level chapter sponsors or advisers and members of Leader and America level chapter sponsors
  • Foundation Donor: Members and advisers who join the FBLA Foundation
  • Georgia Chapter of the Year: Members and advisers of the 2014-2015 Georgia FBLA Chapter of the Year
  • Gold Seal Chapter of the Year: Members and advisers of chapters that received the 2014-2015 Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit
  • Guest: Individuals registered as chaperones at the conference
  • I Support the March of Dimes: Members and advisers may purchase these ribbons at the conference to support the March of Dimes
  • Industry Certified: Members and advisers of current Industry Certified chapters
  • Member of the Month: Members who have been nominated as a Georgia FBLA Member of the Month
  • Membership Achievement: Members and advisers of chapters that have increased paid membership over 2014-2015 final membership totals
  • Membership Campaign: Members and advisers of chapters that have placed in a top 3 membership campaign
  • Monopoly: Members who participate in the Monopoly Tournament
  • New Chapter: Members and advisers of chapters that have chartered or reactivated during 2015-2016
  • Official Dress: Members and advisers who adopt full Georgia FBLA Official Dress at FLC
  • Professional Division Member: Advisers who are active paid members of the Professional Division
  • Rally Participant: Members and advisers who attended the 2015 Fall Motivational Rally
  • Region Officer: Members who are currently serving as a 2015-2016 region officer
  • Scholarship Basket: Members and advisers of chapters that donate a Scholarship Basket
  • SLOTS Participant: Members and advisers who attended the 2015 SLOTS
  • Winner: Members and advisers who placed at the 2015 NLC
  • 50 Member Club: Advisers of chapters that have 50-99 members
  • 100 Member Club: Members and advisers of chapters that have 100-199 members
  • 200 Member Club: Members and advisers of chapters that have over 200 members

Please note that other ribbons will also be available for purchase at the conference.