Competitive Events

Georgia FBLA members are given the opportunity to compete in nearly 100 different competitive events at the region, state, and national levels. These events include objective tests, interviews, technical skills tests, written reports, and performances.

2020-2021 Competitive Event Changes (High School):


Introduction to Event Planning – 9th and 10th grades only.  Team objective test at RLC.  Top 7 teams advance to SLC.  Will take another team objective test and then participate in case study team presentation

Introduction to Social Media Strategy  Team presentation based on preannounced topic

Supply Chain Management  Individual objective test


Emerging Business Issues 


International Business – This is the event formerly known as Global Business

Networking Infrastructures – This is the event formerly known as Networking Concepts

Social Media Strategies – This is the event formerly known as Social Media Campaign


Digital Video Production and Public Service Announcement Videos must now be original content.  May no longer use previously-published video clips in the videos

Hospitality & Event Management Formerly known as Hospitality Management.  Event management concepts have been added to event

Sales Presentation Now allows a team of 1-3 members to compete

2020-2021 Competitive Event Changes (Middle Level):


Mobile App Design – Team prejudged event at ML SLC

Video Game Design – Team prejudged event at ML SLC


Parliamentary Procedure Concepts 


FBLA Concepts – Up to 20% of questions may now cover basic parliamentary procedure concepts

2020-21 Competitive Event Topics:

3-D Animation

Often, members’ lives have been changed because of their involvement in FBLA.  Create a 3-D animation video that describes how FBLA has impacted them for the future. Cite at least two testimonials or quotes from current or past FBLA members.

Broadcast Journalism

You and/or your team are a part of your school’s broadcast team.  Develop and deliver a LIVE broadcast event that includes the following: 

  • Teacher spotlight
  • Local community event
  • A unique story about your school; include history and/or statistics about your school

Business Ethics

Social media companies often utilize personal information and collect data from their users.  Anti-trust laws are designed to protect consumers and encourage free enterprise.  Have these companies become too intrusive, and do they now fall under anti-trust law considerations?

Business Financial Plan

Create a Business Financial Plan for a new school store/school-based enterprise. You need to identify a specific objective for the store (i.e. to fund/promote a specific club, organization, program, event, or cause). The new store should be specifically targeted for your school and demographics. The Business Financial Plan should include but is not limited to equipment, inventory, facilities, and operations management. 

Coding & Programming

Develop an original computer program to randomly generate a five-question FBLA quiz from a database. The program must complete a minimum of the following tasks: 

  • Have at least 50 questions in the database with the ability to see correct answers 
  • Include at least 4 types of questions (i.e. multiple choice, T/F, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and dropdown, etc.). 
  • Inform the user which questions were correctly answered 
  • Calculate the total correct on the five-question quiz 
  • Generate a printable report on quiz results 
  • Data must be stored persistently. Storage may be in a relational database, a document-oriented NoSQL database, flat text files, flat JSON, or XML files. 
  • All data entry must be validated with appropriate user notifications and error messages including the use of required fields.

Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Create an original game designed around a puzzle concept.

  • The game should be a standalone and executable game 
  • The game should contain a scoreboard 
  • The game should contain a leaderboard and celebratory messages 
  • The game should have a minimum of three levels 
  • The game should have lives 
  • The game should have an instructional display

Digital Video Production

Create a video promoting your school to the community.  The video should include co-curricular, extra-curricular organizations, and points of pride.  All video content must be original.


Create an E-Business website for a new school store/school-based enterprise at your school that will also do business online.  The new store should specifically address your school and demographics.  The site should include: 

  • Store name and logo 
  • Items for sale, including pictures and descriptions 
  • Purchasing and delivery/pick up information 
  • A shopping cart 
  • Social media links


Graphic Design

You have been hired by your chamber of commerce to present a new sports team proposal to the city council.  The informational presentation should include a name, slogan, logo, and colors.  Three unique branded promotional items should be developed for the presentation.

Introduction to Business Presentation

Prepare a presentation discussing how social media posts will affect career opportunities, the opportunity to be accepted into a higher education institution, or how it affects one’s future in general.

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Develop a social media strategy or campaign to increase engagement and presence for career and technical education (CTE), a school district, or a local government entity.  *No new social media account(s) should be created for the campaign without written consent from the entity. 

Mobile Application Development

Create the next NEW professional social media app (i.e. LinkedIn, Tallo, etc.).  The app must be rated for all ages.

Public Service Announcement

Create a public service announcement for your school and community on the health risks of vaping.  All video content must be original.  NOTE: There can be no content that shows people vaping in the video.

Publication Design

Create publications for a monthly subscription service (Apple Music, Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, Hello Fresh, etc.).  The service must be an original idea that is not currently on the market. Include different types of printable, online, or direct mailing promotional materials. Create three unique publications or promotional materials.

Social Media Strategies

Develop long-term branding strategies to increase awareness and membership engagement for your local or state FBLA chapter using multiple social media platforms.  *No new social media account(s) should be created for the campaign without written consent from the entity.

Website Design

Create a website for a new photographer.  The website must include: 

  • Photographer name, photo, and bio 
  • Portfolio (previous work) 
  • Ability to book and schedule an appointment 
  • Ability to view package options and pricing 
  • Social media links

Elevator Speech – Middle Level

You and the other FBLA-Middle Level members at your school are visiting city hall to learn about local government during FBLA-PBL Week.  You are introduced to the Mayor, and she asks you to give her an example of a leadership skills you’ve acquired since joining FBLA-Middle Level.  In a 30-second elevator speech, share with the mayor an example of a leadership skill you’ve acquired since joining FBLA-Middle Level. 

Mobile App Design – Middle Level

Develop an app that could be used by your middle level chapter (this information may be fictitious).

  • The app must include:  App name, About FBLA, Join FBLA (form), calendar, links to FBLA websites, local officer team, links to social media, competitive event information, FAQs, and Contact Us
  • The app must be designed for a phone/tablet
  • The operating system must be mobile-based such as Android or iOS

Multimedia & Website Development – Middle Level

Design, build, and launch a website that features your FBLA-Middle Level chapter’s community service project for the 2020-21 school year.  The website must include, but is not limited to the following: 

  • An animated theme and logo that includes music. 
  • A form for chapter members to complete that will allow them to sign up for activities that will take place related to the community service project. 
  • A video from the chairperson of your chapter’s Community Service Project Committee that explains what this year’s project is, and why it was chosen.

Video Game Design – Middle Level

Develop an entertaining game that will teach middle school students financial literacy concepts. The game must be winnable.  For example, you must implement a system of rewards/penalties such as points, tokens, or levels.

Video Public Service Announcement – Middle Level

Create a 60-second PSA for a campaign kickoff celebration for a medical-related charitable organization (e.g., March of Dirmes, American Cancer Society, Relay for Life) for which your chapter is a co-sponsor.


High School RLC Competitive Events:
(updated October 11, 2020)

These events require members to compete at RLC in order to advance to SLC

High School SLC Competitive Events:

* Denotes events that require a member to have qualified at RLC