How to Get Membership Awards

For over 15 years, Georgia FBLA has taken the top spot for the largest state chapter worldwide! Thanks to your efforts in membership recruitment, we will continue to be the largest and most involved chapter of FBLA.

Whether you are a new chapter or one with an established reputation at your school, membership recruitment is one of the most daunting tasks of your year. You’ve planned your marketing strategies, sent out your team, and succeeded in reaching your membership goals! Now it’s time to be recognized. With membership awards, you can be recognized at the state level for your success. There are two types of membership awards: chapter and member.

Members can earn:

  • Membership Madness– recruit 5 new members
  • Membership Mania– recruit 10 new members
  • Body Snatchers (ML)– recruit 2 new members
  • Body Snatchers II (ML)– recruit 10 new members

Chapters can earn:

  • Membership Trifecta (NEW)– A combination of three achievements: 100% Class Participation; Membership increase of 20% or 20 members (whichever is achieved first); 5 members complete membership madness
  • 100% Class Participation Award – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in a single class to become FBLA members.
  • 100% Membership Excellence Awards – Recognizes advisers who recruit all students in all of their classes during the entire year to join FBLA.
  • Market Share Award – Recognizes chapters at schools where a high percentage of a student body joins FBLA.
  • Membership Achievement Award – Recognizes chapters that maintain or increase membership.
  • Local Recruitment of Chapters – Recognizes chapters that charter or reactivate FBLA and ML chapters.
  • Started from the Bottom Campaign – Recognizes our small chapters (less than 20 members in previous year) who increase their membership by at least 10 members.

Good luck with your goals and recruitment efforts! We can’t wait to see your chapter on stage at SLC!