The fun and exciting Alliance Academy chapter meetings

Throughout the entirety of the school year, Alliance Academy for Innovation FBLA has had multiple chapter meetings to both convey chapter information as well as engage the students. Firstly, for a fun and educational meeting, members played, similar to SLOTS in July, Ships and Sailors in the Stem Gym after information was viewed. Other meetings included popsicles to encourage members to participate in AAI Ignited Week (similar to that of FBLA week) which was a huge success. Similar to popsicles, students loved donuts which were handed out at a more recent chapter meeting. Members were additionally quite engaged in our social/ chapter meeting hybrid meeting. At the Autumn Aux, information was given out and right after, members were seen dancing, having fun networking, and enjoying nice refreshments. Another, more educational type of meeting, included our workshops hosted by both officers and members. This was a great way to add rotational rooms to encourage movement during our meetings as well as being able to present information in an engaging way.


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