How To Charter a Chapter

We are glad that you are interested in chartering a chapter. Starting a local FBLA chapter is very simple and rewarding! Follow the steps below to ensure a successful start to your new chapter!

  1. Gather

  2. Contact

  3. Recruit

  4. Fine Tune

Gather Resources

The first step in starting a local FBLA chapter is to find an educator who will serve as the chapter adviser. Once you have a chapter adviser, you will need to recruit members. When you are done gathering at least 5 members (or at least 3 members for Middle Level chapters), then you can move on to the next step.

Contact Georgia FBLA

When you have 5 members, you should email Monty Rhodes. He will walk you through the process of contacting the national office , submitting a Chapter Request Form, and accessing the Georgia FBLA Chapter Management LiveBinder.

Once the national office receives your contact information, you will receive a charter number and password and you will be able to add anyone you have recruited!

Recruit Members

Now that you are in the membership system, you should build your member base and chapter. Remember that students do not know how beneficial FBLA can be unless they are a member, so utilize flyers, videos, posters, and even chapter visits from Region / State Officers to recruit members.
Remember the three C’s: competitions, conferences, and connections. Through FBLA, members show off their knowledge at competitions, learn more skills at conferences, and meet amazing people from all over the state and all over the world as new connections.

Fine Tune

Done recruiting members? Start planning out your year: electing officers, planning fundraisers, choosing competitions, etc. In addition, Georgia FBLA offers local officer training at our annual Summer Leadership Officer Training Summit or SLOTS. Adviser training is provided at FALCON and is invaluable no matter your level of experience with FBLA. Better officers and better advisers lead to better meetings and more fun experiences!


Building your chapter does not stop here! You have set the foundation for your chapter and now it is time to explore the boundaries! If you have any questions about chartering a chapter, please contact us.