Ice Breaker of the month for November

Icebreaker of the Month-

This month’s Icebreaker is tying a tie! The way that the game works is like this:

Players must get into a large circle holding ties. As the leader yells go the players must all begin tying their ties as fast as they can. As soon as they are finished they raise their hand. If they are done first the game is won!


Three ways to make the game harder are:

Use bow ties- Bring multiple types of bow ties and see if they can still tie the ties.

Tie their hands together – They must figure out how to do it with both their hands together.

Make them tie specific knots- Make them tie knots like a double windsor and see if they can still get it!

The purpose of this game is to show your members how adaptation and common business skills are in the real world. You won’t have someone to tie your tie for you before that big meeting! Have them try out this fun new icebreaker at your next meeting!