Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreaker of the Month

Do you have members that refuse to participate in icebreakers? Are your students tired of doing the same exact things at every meeting? This is month’s icebreaker is a very amusing game and your members are sure to love it.

Drop the Sheet

Drop the Sheet is one of my absolute favorite icebreakers! One of the best qualities about Drop the Sheet is that all it requires is your members and (Yes, you guessed it!) a sheet. Divide your members in half, having two equal sized teams. Have two officers or advisers be responsible for holding the sheet. When my chapter plays Drop the Sheet we fold the sheet in half to make sure that you cannot see through the sheet. Have the teams sit behind the sheet on both sides. Then, each team will silently motion for one member to sit in front of the team, directly behind the sheet. Have the officers (or advisers) holding the sheet make sure both teams are ready and then drop the sheet. The first player to guess the other player’s name wins. Have both players return to the winner’s side of the sheet. The object of the game is to recruit everyone to the same side. The side with the most people at the end of the game wins.

Another quality that makes Drop the Sheet such a fun game is that you can always change it up a little bit if your members lose interest in the name game. One of my favorite ways to play Drop the Sheet is to have one player try to make the other player laugh. The player has 5 seconds to do whatever they can (on their side of the sheet) to make the other player laugh. If they fail, they go to the other player’s side. If they make the opponent laugh, they recruit the rival to their side.

This is the Icebreaker of the month! Check back next month for another fun icebreaker.