Running Meetings Efficiently

Meetings are an integral part of local chapters. Meetings can be used to network, conduct important business, or  convey an important message.

First, you need the president or his/her designee to lead the meeting. Designating one person to lead the meeting will avoid confusion and allow that person to keep the attention of the crowd.

Next, use an agenda to help the flow of the meeting. The agenda serves as an outline not only for the leader, but for the chapter members as well.

Another great way to help a meeting run efficiently is to delegate a task to each officer. By doing so, each officer will feel that they have contributed to a meeting’s success.

Parliamentary procedure is a complicated process; however, when used correctly, Parliamentary Procedure can make the task of running a local chapter meeting successful. Pulling elements such as one member talking at a time or being called on before speaking can truly minimize the chaos of your meetings.