Starting the BAAs

The  BAAs (business achievement awards) is a rigorous  4-tier program created by the national center. Four levels make up the Business Achievement awards. As you progress throughout the program, you will find that the difficulty level increases. Future, Business, Leader, and America are the four levels. To start off, you need to get registered.

When you have time, stop by and see your adviser to sign-up. Your adviser has access to the BAA student registration  located on the national website. Once registered, you will receive a chapter ID number, and your BAA login. Click on the following link to go to the BAA login.

Once into the system, enter the information on the sheet provided to you by your adviser. A page will appear asking you to select your activities. The activities are divided into three categories: Service, Education, and Progress. Certain activities will be required to complete each level; however, from the activities left over, you can choose which ones you would like to complete in order to satisfy the number requirement. As days go on, periodically check your BAA account and see what activities you can complete.

Advisers, you have access to your student’s accounts through this link: When you have a student wishing to register for the BAAs, use the link to register your members.