Business Achievement Award Activity of the Week (Future Activity 20)

“Invite a business leader to speak at a meeting. Write a letter inviting this businessperson to your meeting.”

Business leaders are members of your community with an extreme amount of knowledge and experience in the world of business, and they serve as examples of prospering role models for the business world. Whether it’s the owner of a small store or the CEO of a major corporation, all business leaders exhibit the values of FBLA. Having such an influence at a local chapter meeting can serve as a role model to your members, an inspiration for some to join, and connections for your membership. Business leaders may be willing to partner with your chapter and offer membership incentives at their shop. However, do not be disappointed if the business leader does not make a financial partnership with you. Regardless of the activities after the meeting, your willingness to reach out to a business leader through a letter will make you valuable connections and show you how to communicate with leaders in your community.