State Projects

In addition to taking part in many national programs, Georgia FBLA prides itself in the many projects it has created to benefit not just its members, but the entire state. Learn more about our many programs and how your chapter can get involved!


Helping Tomorrow’s Future Business Leaders – Our primary state service project for 2017-2018 will continue our work to raise money and awareness for the fight against birth defects. We will partner with the March of Dimes.

Giving Back One Hour at a Time – This project encourages chapters to serve their local communities by performing community service projects. Chapters donating the most hours of time to or raising the most money for non-school community service projects will be recognized.

MONOPOLY® Team and Bingo for Babies Tournaments – Join thousands of members in the largest MONOPOLY® Tournament in the world! Preliminary rounds will be held at the Fall Leadership Conference with the final rounds at the State Leadership Conference. A special Bingo for Babies Tournament will also be held at our Region and State Leadership Conferences. Proceeds from both of these tournaments benefit the March of Dimes.

Feed GEORGIA Campaign – Join your other Georgia CTSOs and collect canned goods during National Career & Technical Education Month in February. Items collected will benefit local food banks in and around your community. We will have a special baby supplies drive to honor the March of Dimes during Prematurity Awareness Month in November.


Vision for Your Financial Future – The purpose of this project is to serve as a tool to teach students about personal finances. The goals include helping students understand the 5 C’s of credit, identifying various investment and retirement opportunities, and various other financial lessons needed for success in life.

EMERGE – (Educating Members Early Regarding Georgia’s Economy)        The purpose of this project is to serve as a tool to teach students about the emergence Georgia economic development and business partnerships.  Students will learn to define economic development, recognize a variety of economic opportunities within the state of Georgia, and other various skills related to Georgia’s economy.

The Choice Is Yours – The purpose of this new state project is to help members develop a logical argument for ethical decision-making and ethical impact in society.  Members will identify personal, business, and online ethical guidelines and the consequences of unethical and illegal conduct by both individuals and businesses. This project will include fundraising and community service hours in partner with a local charity.

The TREY Project – The purpose of this state project is to help members understand the accessibility issues and opportunities for inclusion for students with special challenges and needs.

Less Is More The purpose of this state project is to help students understand the sustainability of our earth’s resources as well as the economics and costs behind adopting better environmental and sustainability practices.

Find It! – The purpose of this state project is to help students identify their true passions as it relates to the workplace and job search.

You’re Hired…Now What? – The purpose of this state project is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the workplace. Students will understand how to keep the job of their choice, identify important ethical decisions, determine ethical dilemmas and solutions, and describe the importance of a professional image.

Can You Hear Me Now? – The purpose of this state project is to educate business students on the effective use of all forms of communication in business, personal, and educational settings.

The Real World – The purpose of this project is to provide students with invaluable insight into the “real world” as well as give them direction as they embark on the challenge of choosing the right career in which to focus.

DOLLAR $EN$E – The purpose of this project is to expose students to the practices that stretch the business and consumer dollar. Students will evaluate the benefits of conserving resources in homes, businesses and communities.

Main Street FBLA – This project encourages chapters to become involved with the local small businesses in their communities through providing needed services, promoting business initiatives, and understanding the roles small businesses play in the community.

The PEACH Project – This project helps prepare members for their future by exploring how the decisions they make today will affect their future. PEACH stands for Policy, Environmental, Action, Credit, and Health.

Savvy Surfing – This project focuses on teaching chapter, school, and community members about issues regarding Internet safety and usage.

Georgia Youth Saves – We are continuing our promotion of this campaign, which focuses on exploring and teaching savings and financial concepts. Encourage members of your chapter, families, and community to become Georgia Savers.

Life Is a Highway – This project guides members to not only answer the question, “Where do you want to be in 20 years?” but also helps the students figure out how they are going to get to that desired destination.

Venture IN! – This state project encourages local chapters to instill basic entrepreneurial principles in its members.

BAA Chapter Challenge – This project recognizes chapters with the largest percentage of members who participate in the national Business Achievement Awards program. Points will be given for each level members achieve.


Membership Campaigns – Georgia FBLA will hold five membership campaigns during the year where chapters can win conference registrations and official dress items

Connecting Chapters – Chapters are encouraged to work together on projects with neighboring Middle Level and Phi Beta Lambda chapters. This project also encourages FBLA chapter members to help charter and assist Middle Level chapters in their school districts.

Government Advocacy Project – This project is designed to encourage promotion of our organization to government officials. This project will focus on contacting elected officials, involving them in chapter functions, and increasing the awareness of FBLA and business education programs among our elected officials.

Chapter of the Year – This project encourages members and chapters to get involved on the local, state, and national levels by attending conferences, participating in state and national projects.

Georgia FBLA Sweepstakes – This project recognizes chapters who excel in competitive events. Points will be award for each entry that places at their RLC and also at SLC. Points will be deducted for entries with a no-score. Traveling sweepstakes trophies will be awarded at each RLC and at SLC.

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