Getting Ready for SLC

The 2018 Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference is right around the corner! This year we will be in beautiful downtown Atlanta. I am sure that as many of you prepare for your competitions and projects you are wondering what you need to know before you leave for the SLC. Well first things first make sure that you start preparing as soon as possible because the competition will be higher than ever! Begin utilizing specialist in your school as well as your advisor to prepare for speaking, testing, and projects in real world scenarios. There are many prompts and examples for each competition that you can find online and use at no cost to you. The SLC will be crazy and fast paced so make sure that when you step in the door all you have to do is make your final preparations. Be sure to pack any toiletries and clothes you may need 3 days before you are to leave for Atlanta. Review the dress code and make sure you have everything you need so that you do not get a point deduction. Finally, relax! It is going to be a fun and exciting experience that you won’t soon forget so don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun! Good luck to all of you!