LEAD Activity of the Month- January

This month’s LEAD activity comes from the Silver Level. We’ll be focusing on Activity 6: Learn Real World Skills from the Education: Kudos Korner section.

This activity gives you and a few friends to come together to play the Stock Market Game as a team. The game is run by an independent organization and happens in both the fall and spring seasons. This game allows you to have a mock investment portfolio. You and your team will start with $1000, and will have the freedom to invest in any stocks that you feel will give you the greatest value. For the next few weeks, you will have to monitor the progress of the stocks you invested in, watching patterns, listening to advisers, and making decisions about whether to buy or sell stocks. Throughout the game, there will be a leader board on which all the teams across the nation will be competing for a top spot.

Although this is a game, it is also a simulation of what happens in the real world. Investing is no easy task, and what you will be doing for a few weeks is what people are doing their whole lives. Not only will you be competing against teams from across the nation, but you will be well ahead of your peers in the future when it is time for you to open a real investment portfolio. You may be checking off another activity on your LEAD checklist, but you are also preparing yourself for your future.