Running Meetings Efficently

Meetings are an essential part to a chapter because they are where members can come and find out the latest in Georgia FBLA and their local chapter activities. However, if your meeting is all over the place, this information may never be clearly received.

The first step in running a meeting efficiently is to have officers step up and lead. Now, that doesn’t mean that every officer needs to lead one singular meeting- responsibilities have to be delegated between the officers. Typically, the president will lead the meetings, but, in his/her absence, the vice president (or whoever the president’s designee is) will fall in line. This will keep stability and clarity during the meeting as it won’t have multiple people leading it.

In addition to the first step, it is always best to delegate an officer to lead an icebreaker for the meeting. It gives the local officers a chance to lead and feel as if they have contributed to the meeting and their chapter.

The second step is to have an agenda. An agenda is filled with key points that need to be talked about and contains the general flow of the meeting. It keeps the meeting on track; agendas are essential because it is always easy to lose focus or forget about what needs to be discussed during a meeting.

Last but not least, the most important part of a meeting is to connect with members. Always leave time towards the end for members to either share success stories or to ask questions. The best way to keep this from getting out of hand, however, is to implement parliamentary procedure. While it is a difficult process, the process is worthwhile if executed correctly.

This is it for how to run a meeting efficiently. If you still have troubles, be sure to check out the Meeting Tip of the Month that is released every month!