LEAD Activity of the Month- February

Silver Level: Education: Activity 2: It’s All About You!

This activity requires you to create a magazine cover that’s all about you! The title of your magazine should be one word that describes you. There is a list of requirements that you should follow, but aside from those few rules you have the freedom to be as creative as possible with your magazine cover.

You should keep in mind that the goal of this magazine cover is to showcase everything you would want a stranger to know about you. You can make up names of articles that talk about your accomplishments, make the background a collage of pictures, or use one word statements to describe yourself!

This activity will allow you to reflect on the way you present yourself to others, and showcase your creative skills. Have fun with this activity!

BAA Article of the Week #16

This week’s article is something that might just inspire you to find your next favorite thing! Participate in a local service learning or literacy project. Contact elementary schools or libraries in your area to find out what opportunities you have to not only complete Business Activity 8, but get community service hours, and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Business Activity 8: Communications/ Service Learning
Participate in a literacy project i.e. visit a kindergarten classroom and read a book, tutor in an after-school reading program, or help plan a chapter book drive.

BAA Activity of the Week #10

2017 is here, and a new year means new heights with FBLA! While deadlines for BAAs are quickly approaching, here’s a quick activity to complete before the March 1 deadline.

Future Level Activity 11: Accounting
Using a spreadsheet, create a one-month budget for yourself or for your local chapter.

So think about your monthly income and create a budget. Or talk to your adviser and create a budget for your chapter that includes fundraising, conferences, social events, food, and community service giving!

BAA Activity of the Week #8

Looking to get a head start on your BAAs before the holidays? Here’s a simple activity that you can do RIGHT NOW to finish your Business Level BAA:

Business Activity 29: Communications/Technology: Use FBLA’s various social media tools. Like the FBLA National Center Facebook page, and follow on Twitter.

Social media is a great way to learn from other chapters, to gain new ideas for you and your school! Once you follow and like the national center, don’t forget to follow Georgia FBLA on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat!