BAA Activity of the Week #4

Hey there, Georgia FBLA! The featured BAA activity of this week is part of the Business award:

Activity 8 Communications/ Service Learning
Participate in a literacy project i.e. visit a kindergarten classroom and read a book, tutor in an after-school reading program, or help plan a chapter book drive.

Plan a date where you can visit a local elementary school to complete this task. The listed projects are good examples, but get creative with it!  Be sure to get clearance from your own school before visiting the school.

BAA Activity of the Week #14

Let’s face it… it’s not only a hard time for students but teachers as well! By completing Activity 7 of your Leader BAA, you’ll be helping a teacher while earning credit for your BAAs.

Activity 7: Communications/Service Learning: Volunteer to be a teacher’s aide during your study hall.

Talk to your teachers and ask if you can help them with anything during a study hall period or even before or after school!

BAA Activity of the Week #13

March 1 is right around the corner! It is time to finish your Future Level award. This week’s activity is found in the Progress section of the Future award.

Activity 25 Communications/Marketing
Recruit one (1) Professional Division member.

Talk to your parents, teachers, businesspersons, FBLA alumni, or any adult and invite them to join Professional Division. Make sure they associate their membership with your local chapter to receive Chapter of the Year credit!

Learn more about Professional Division at the FBLA website.

BAA Activity of the Week #12

Here’s a fun activity to help you complete your America Level BAA:

Activity 2: Communications/Information Technology: Create an online autobiographical scrapbook presentation (movie, podcast, or slide show) highlighting your life — this must include FBLA activities, community service project, and demonstrate leadership skills.

Think about your “highlight reel” from birth until now, what key activities have you participated in? Make a Powerpoint or digital scrapbook and upload it to receive credit. Good luck!

BAA Activity of the Week #7

Happy Holidays, Georgia FBLA! It’s a great time to invite people to your chapter meetings and get them excited about the region and state conferences. While you do it, you’ll be completing Future Activity 23:

Text five (5) friends and invite them to the next FBLA meeting. (Make sure to list the names on the interactive form.)

So grab your phone and write a friendly text message to 5 friends! This will help promote your local FBLA chapter and share with others the impact FBLA can have on students!