Community Service Awards (CSA)

FBLA provides members with countless way to get involved in community service. The Community Service Awards (CSA) was established to recognize the FBLA members who go above and beyond in their efforts in community service.  Advisers can register their members to submit CSAs on the national website. Members who achieve the highest level in this FBLA program will get recognized at the National Leadership Conference next year in Baltimore, Maryland!

Here are the levels of recognition FBLA gives its members  through CSAs for their dedication to community service:

  • CSA Community—50 hours
  • CSA Service—200 hours
  • CSA Achievement—500 hours

One good way to display your commitment to community service is by participating in the efforts of FBLA’s national service partner, the March of Dimes. However CSAs do not have to be FBLA specific, so feel free to include any of your community service done outside of the organization.

It is important to note that CSAs can span across all of your years as a member of FBLA. The deadline to finish and submit the Community and Service Levels CSAs for this membership year is on March 1st. In addition, the deadline to finish and submit the Achievement Level is on April 25th.  Mark the deadlines in your calendar as you work hard over the upcoming months to complete your CSAs. We want to see plenty of Georgia FBLA members achieving their community service goals, as well as many of our members receiving a certificate at NLC for completing the Achievement Level.

In addition, feel free to share your participation in community service with us and the rest of our organization by posting a picture on social media with #GeorgiaFBLACSA. Good Luck Georgia FBLA members as you set your goals to complete your CSAs!