LEAD Activity of the Month – October

Silver Level: Leadership: Team Impact | Activity 2: Winner’s Circle 

“Compete in an FBLA-ML competitive event at the District/Regional, State, or National levels. (Take a selfie at the conference and write a brief paragraph about what you competed in and what you learned. Save both).”

Region Leadership Conference is only three months away. Now is a great time to start researching what competitive event you would like to participate in this year! Middle Level events range from Invention Convention to Career Exploration; competitive events are a great way to stay involved in FBLA and learn valuable public speaking and presentation skills. 

Take a selfie at Region, State, or National Leadership Conference in order to document your experience competing. Then, write a brief paragraph to detail what you learned from your competitive event. We wish you the best in your competitive events!


Bronze Level Service: Super Star | Activity 3: Count on FBLA-ML

“Volunteer 5 hours of community service. (Write a brief summary and take a selfie at the community service event).”

Give back to your school or community by volunteering your time whether that be by helping out at a community or school sponsored event or volunteering at your local animal rescue or soup kitchen. Bring a couple of friends and have them help out too!

Be sure to write a summary of your time volunteering in order to share what you did and what you learned from it. Snap a picture at the event to upload and share on social media! One of the core values of FBLA is service, and as an FBLA member, you should always do your best to give back to your community!

August LEAD Activity of the Month

Bronze Level – Leadership Activity Three: ‘Spread the Word!’

“Create a promotional piece to recruit local chapter members. Examples include a poster or bulletin board encouraging students to join your FBLA-ML chapter. Can be a team collaboration effort. (Post your masterpiece to a social media platform and use the hashtag #FBLAMiddleLevel).”

This activity is a great way to recruit FBLA members for your chapter as well as show your creativity by creating a poster, brochure, bulletin board, social media post, or any other product that promotes the goals of FBLA. Be inventive and imaginative to come up with innovative ideas to get prospective members excited to join FBLA!

Look up ideas online or even use the Georgia FBLA theme, ‘Follow Your Vision’, to create an eye catching display that entices students to join your chapter! Remember to share your ideas and promote FBLA by posting your artistry on social media with the hashtags #FBLAMiddleLevel and #GAFBLA! 

LEAD Activity of the Month- February

Silver Level: Education: Activity 2: It’s All About You!

This activity requires you to create a magazine cover that’s all about you! The title of your magazine should be one word that describes you. There is a list of requirements that you should follow, but aside from those few rules you have the freedom to be as creative as possible with your magazine cover.

You should keep in mind that the goal of this magazine cover is to showcase everything you would want a stranger to know about you. You can make up names of articles that talk about your accomplishments, make the background a collage of pictures, or use one word statements to describe yourself!

This activity will allow you to reflect on the way you present yourself to others, and showcase your creative skills. Have fun with this activity!

LEAD Activity of the Month- November

This month’s activity comes from the Bronze Level. We’ll be focusing on Activity 2: Be a HERO for Babies from the category Service: Super Star.

This activity is all about our national service partner The March of Dimes. To complete this activity you don’t have to organize a march or fundraise. The goal of this activity is to spread awareness of the March of Dimes and their mission with those in your community. You are asked to create a rack card, which is basically a postcard that is covered in information on both sides. You can use information on the March of Dimes website, or from what you have seen from what your chapter does to support this organization. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • the mission of March of Dimes
  • past success of the organization
  • where the money donated goes
  • information for where to donate
  • the March of Dimes logo
  • pictures of babies that have been impacted by the organization

The above are suggestions for what to include on your rack card. You have the freedom to convey any message you think is important. Not only does this card help you advance to the next level of your LEAD program, but it can also be used at a chapter meeting or in the community to promote our national service partner.