Get Ready for American Enterprise Day!

In 1980, our very own Jimmy Carter made a Presidential Proclamation declaring American Enterprise Day (AED). This day is meant to celebrate the free enterprise system and the benefits it […]

Community Service Awards (CSA)

FBLA provides members with countless way to get involved in community service. The Community Service Awards (CSA) was established to recognize the FBLA members who go above and beyond in […]

Three Tips for Effective Meetings

You’ve spent hours upon hours planning and talking to people to get them to join FBLA. After hours of talking and trying to convince them, they finally agree to give […]

BAA Activity of the Week #2

This week’s featured BAA Activity is Future Award 17: Future Activity 17 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs Required. Bring a friend who is a nonmember to a local chapter FBLA […]