Get Ready for American Enterprise Day!

In 1980, our very own Jimmy Carter made a Presidential Proclamation declaring American Enterprise Day (AED). This day is meant to celebrate the free enterprise system and the benefits it offers individuals and businesses. Check out some ideas on how you can get involved in the celebration!


  1. Present ideas about the free enterprise system in the form of skits and songs to elementary and middle school students
  2. Invite business owners to speak about the importance of AED
  3. Have a breakfast with your local chapter in honor of AED
  4. Create a MONOPOLY® board featuring different economic systems and hold a tournament during a chapter meeting or economics class
  5. Have students write essays on the American enterprise system


Besides food, fun, and festivities, celebrating American Enterprise Day can help knock out tasks for the Business Achievement Awards and even allows you to earn points for Chapter of the Year! We can’t wait to see how you and your chapter celebrate, so be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #GAFBLA!

Community Service Awards (CSA)

FBLA provides members with countless way to get involved in community service. The Community Service Awards (CSA) was established to recognize the FBLA members who go above and beyond in their efforts in community service.  Advisers can register their members to submit CSAs on the national website. Members who achieve the highest level in this FBLA program will get recognized at the National Leadership Conference next year in Baltimore, Maryland!

Here are the levels of recognition FBLA gives its members  through CSAs for their dedication to community service:

  • CSA Community—50 hours
  • CSA Service—200 hours
  • CSA Achievement—500 hours

One good way to display your commitment to community service is by participating in the efforts of FBLA’s national service partner, the March of Dimes. However CSAs do not have to be FBLA specific, so feel free to include any of your community service done outside of the organization.

It is important to note that CSAs can span across all of your years as a member of FBLA. The deadline to finish and submit the Community and Service Levels CSAs for this membership year is on March 1st. In addition, the deadline to finish and submit the Achievement Level is on April 25th.  Mark the deadlines in your calendar as you work hard over the upcoming months to complete your CSAs. We want to see plenty of Georgia FBLA members achieving their community service goals, as well as many of our members receiving a certificate at NLC for completing the Achievement Level.

In addition, feel free to share your participation in community service with us and the rest of our organization by posting a picture on social media with #GeorgiaFBLACSA. Good Luck Georgia FBLA members as you set your goals to complete your CSAs!



Three Tips for Effective Meetings

You’ve spent hours upon hours planning and talking to people to get them to join FBLA. After hours of talking and trying to convince them, they finally agree to give it a chance. Happily you agree and give them the date to the next meeting… Now what?

What do you do to make sure your meeting doesn’t fall through?

Here are three tips for running effective meetings, so that your chapter’s meeting will be the best it can be.

  1. Planning: This is the most essential part of every meeting. Prepare and run through the details of the meetings by having an officer meeting beforehand, listing out the items of the meeting in an agenda.
  2. Involvement: Involve multiple members of the officer team and members when possible. No one wants to go to a meeting where only one person is speaking. Having multiple people present and lead activities will increase membership involvement and engagement.
  3. Brevity: By keeping your meetings brief, you ensure quality communication without running the risk of being boring. Setting a time limit keeps you on track and helps cut away useless information.


Service Activity of the Month: Reading Stories at Children’s Hospitals

Gather together your favorite childhood story books and your best oration skills to read to children in hospitals. Oftentimes, the journey of enduring treatments and staying confined to the walls of a hospital room can be a difficult experience for young children. However, you and your local chapter can serve a role in comforting young patients by simply spending time and sharing with them.

A well told story is always good medicine for the soul, so be sure to follow these guidelines to make the most of your storytelling experience. It is a good idea to preview the book(s) you will present; this will allow you to practice and anticipate any questions your young audience may have. Also, in order to stimulate conversation and discussion, introduce the title of your book and allow the children to share their predictions about what the story will consist of. Most importantly, have fun and be sure to read with expression because you want to make the stories come alive and off of the pages.

In addition to reading your selected stories, do not be afraid to connect with and learn about the children that you present to. Try your best to make the experience even more memorable for them by writing cards or bringing small gifts.

BAA Activity of the Week #2

This week’s featured BAA Activity is Future Award 17:

Future Activity 17 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs Required.

Bring a friend who is a nonmember to a local chapter FBLA meeting.

One of the best methods to show your friends what FBLA is all about is to invite them to a meeting. This gives them the chance to get an idea of what the organization has in store for them, and allows them to develop goals for what they want to achieve in FBLA.

Good luck with your completion of the Future Award!