FUNdraiser Activity of the Month!

Gloomy overhead, weary students, and a lack of motivation, these are all characteristics of the typical early school morning; however, just as all hope seemed to be lost, is it a soft-drink? Is it a tea? No, it’s coffee! Smell that? That’s the brewing of a good idea — the brewing of coffee in the early morning.

The fundraiser idea of the month is nothing short of a miracle for both the FBLA chapter for funding, and the students at your local high school. The fundraiser idea of the month involves local FBLA chapters establishing a school wide accessible coffee stand in which FBLA members would setup, brew, and sell coffee to the students at their school. The idea is very straightforward, however, there are numerous outlets of funding to explore in order to generate the most satisfaction for prospective coffee loving students and to maximize funds for the FBLA chapter. The process of going about making this dream a dream-come-true is outlined below into two segments: the superficial — phase I — setup, and then capitalizing on the underlying potentials — phase II — in order to maximize efficiency of the coffee stand.

The initially thoughts that need to go into setting up the coffee stand involve: how much startup capital does our capital need? How much should we initially invest into the idea before we see a turn-around? Where do we setup a base of operations to store, brew, and sell the coffee? Are we going to carry a single coffee based product or offer a selection; do we only sell what’s easiest to make in the mornings? Some of the questions prompted after establishing the stand include: how much should we charge for each product? How does our local chapter decide who should be in charge of storing the coffee beans/products, ordering more materials or supplies as needed, brew the coffee product itself, and who is going to sell the product? What I propose, in addition to the coffee stand, is to maintain a signup record for who will be volunteering to operate the stand at certain times or during certain days. A way to encourage members to become active in this aspect is to advertise these responsibilities as an easy outlet for volunteer hours, the potential to gain valuable experience working a cash register, and learning how a small scale “business” operates on a day-to-day basis in order to satisfy consumers and, all while, make a profit. What I encourage you to do, is to only open the coffee stand on designated days (definitely Mondays at the very least) in order to generate a sense of exclusiveness to the product being available to the students and the act of this also lessens the stress of figuring out who will be working the stand every day. Some feedback that I have received in the past with this idea has centered around the location of the coffee stand in which should be centrally located and/or easily accessed; for instance, for stand should be located outside the cafeteria, directly in the FBLA chapter’s business classroom, in front of the school’s main entrance — or right when you walk in, or any other place easily accessible with prior permission to “set up shop.”

The sheer possibilities with this ongoing fundraiser idea are truly limitless. Soon you can be the reason why students are energetic and ready to learn on Mondays all while being the cause of bringing in funds for your local chapter!

FLC Ribbons

As the leaves start to fall and the wind starts to blow, you know that fall is in the air. When the temperature gets lower, the excitement for the 2017 Fall Leadership Conference gets hotter! I cannot wait for all of you to build bridges with members from all over the state. As you are getting ready and packing for this beautiful conference, I want to inform you of an item that will go perfectly with your uniform and nametag. What can this mysterious item be . . .ribbons! Ribbons are something that you should be proud of because they allow you to show all of your accomplishments that you have within our organization. In this article, I am going to show you all of the ribbons that you can receive at FLC. Do you want to be the coolest member at the conference? If so, then you should start collecting these ribbons!

The ribbons you that you can receive at FLC include:


Local chapter advisers registered for conference (Advisers automatically get a ribbon ).


Advisers who were members of FBLA in high school. (We will like to thank-you for being a proud member of FBLA.)


Members who have achieved the America level in BAA for the current year or in past years. (The organization will like to thank-you again for reaching the highest achievement in the BAA program.)

Battle of the Chapters

Members who participate in 2017 Battle of the Chapters. (We cannot wait to see how much knowledge you have of this organization.)

Chapter of the Year 

Members and advisers of 2017 Gold/Silver/ Bronze chapters. (We want you to celebrate your chapter’s accomplishments.)

Chapter President 

Local chapter presidents who attend FLC. (Thank-you for taking a pivotal role and leading your local chapter.)

Conference Sponsor 

Advisers of Future and Business level chapter sponsors or advisers and members of Leader and America level chapter sponsors. (Thank-you for supporting Fall Leadership Conference.)

Foundation Donor

Members and advisers who join the Georgia FBLA Foundation. (Thank-you for supporting the Georgia FBLA Foundation.)

Georgia Chapter of the Year 

Members and advisers of the 2016-2017 Georgia FBLA Chapter of the Year. (We will let you have one last chance to say that you are the best chapter in the state.)

Gold Seal Chapter of the Year 

Members and advisers of chapters that received the 2016-2017 Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit. (I hope you like being one of the top chapters in the nation.)


Individuals registered as chaperones at conference. (Thank-you for being a chaperone; your help is greatly needed to make this conference run.)

I Support the March of Dimes 

Members and advisers may purchase these ribbons at conferences to support the March of Dimes. (Thank-you for supporting the health of mothers and babies by preventing birth defects, understanding and preventing premature birth, and lowing the infant mortality rate).

Industry Certified

Members and advisers of current Industry Certified chapters. (We will let show that your chapter is ready for the 21st century workplace.)

Member of the Month 

Members who have been nominated as a Georgia FBLA Member of the Month. (We will like to congratulate you for being an outstanding member.)

Membership Achievement 

Members and advisers of chapters that have increased paid membership over 2016-2017 final-membership totals. (Passing your membership goal? No problem.)

Membership Campaign

Members and advisers of chapters that have placed in a top three membership campaign. (We are so happy that you have more people building bridges towards leadership.)


Members who participate in the Monopoly Tournament. (Cannot wait to see who has the best monopoly playing-skills.)

New Chapter 

Members and advisers of chapters that have chartered or reactivated during 2017-2018. (Welcome to the amazing world that is Georgia FBLA.)

Official Dress 

Members and advisers who adopt full Georgia FBLA Official Dress at conference. (We love that you’re showing Georgia FBLA pride.)

Professional Division Members 

Advisers who are active paid members of the Professional Division. (Thank-you for being a business leader in your local chapter.)

Rally Participant

Members and advisers who attended the 2017 Fall Motivational Rally. (We are glad that you all had a great time at the kickoff of the new Georgia FBLA year.)

Region Officer 

Members who are currently serving as a 2017 – 2018 region officer. (Georgia FBLA congratulates you for proudly serving your region.)

Scholarship Basket 

Members and advisers of chapters that donate a Scholarship Basket. (Thank-you for contributing to the scholarship fund; I cannot wait to see how amazing the basket is going to be).

SLOTS Participant 

Members and advisers who attended the 2017 SLOTS. (Hope you learn more about being a fantastic leader for your local chapter this year.)


Members and advisers who placed at the 2017 NLC. (On behalf of Georgia FBLA, we will like to thank-you for showing your Legacy of Leadership in Anaheim and we hope that you can Elevate your Future for the 2018 NLC.)

50 Member Club 

Advisers of chapters that have 50-99 members. (We see you building bridges with people around your school).

100 Member Club 

Members and advisers of chapters that have 100-199 members. (Thank-you for being “100 members strong”)

200 Member Club

Members and advisers of chapters that have over 200 members. (We will like to celebrate your exclusive-organizational status)


Still looking for more ribbons to add your collection this conference? No problem! You are able to purchase ribbons at the Georgia FBLA marketplace. There, you will be able choose tons of ribbons so that you can have your ribbon collection dragging across the floor in Athens. So be pumped and excited for the 2017 Fall Leadership Conference because it will be a ride of a lifetime!










Chapter of the Year Activity of the Month: September

Hi everyone! I cannot believe that the second month of the new school year is over. I hope you and your local chapter have been promoting FBLA around your school, recruiting new members, and planning for a wonder year ahead. Now that it is September, your chapter should be settling in and working on Georgia FBLA’s wide range of activities, programs, and . . . you guessed it, Chapter of the Year! Last month I shared with you how to get Chapter of the Year points by building and planning within your local chapter. This month I am going to share with you how your local chapter can receive statewide recognition and also snatch some points as well.

Let’s go back to the chapter planning guide and look at the Chapter of the Year Entry form and see the Chapter Management. Go to the subsection called Chapter Management and Organization. These activities will show that your local chapter is one of the best in the state. You can receive 5 points for conducting a new member or officer installation. This is something your chapter can do before a major Georgia FBLA conference. You can also receive 5 points for nominating a local member for Who’s Who in FBLA, and 5 points for nominating a local member for Georgia FBLA Member of the Month. Who’s Who in FBLA is recognizing outstanding members from this state organization in which there is one member from each region and an overall state winner. Member of the month recognizes outstanding members on a per month bases, that special member will be awarded at SLC with a pin or award voucher. If you think that you have the best adviser in the state you should encourage your adviser to apply for Adviser of the Year or New Adviser of the Year and receive 5 points. Lastly, if you have a great idea that you want to share with Georgia FBLA members you should submit a workshop proposal for 2018 State Leadership Conference and get 5 points.

I hope that these tips help you get the “easy” points for Chapter of the Year. It is really important that you start early because some Chapter of the Year points can count as bonus points if the entry form is turned in by early submission deadline. Next time, I am going to drive more into the Public Relations Activities section. If you have any questions about Chapter of the Year, you can email the state adviser Monty Rhodes at

BAA Activity of the Week #3

Future Activity 22 is the featured BAA Activity of the Week:

Future Activity 22 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs

Recite the FBLA Creed at a chapter meeting or event and explain your understanding of this creed as it relates to your future and to the business world in a memo to your local chapter adviser.

The FBLA creed is available to you on the FBLA website and your, or your adviser’s, Chapter Planning Guide. Think of how the Creed lays out a foundation for how you can use FBLA to bring business and education together to prepare the members for a bright future.

Continue working hard on the BAAs!

FLC Preview

Are you ready to build bridges to leadership? Are you ready to construct the dominoes that will lead you into your future career path? If Yes, 2017 Fall Leadership Conference is going to be a conference to remember. The Fall Leadership Conference will be held November 15th for the Middle Level chapters and November 15th-16th for High School chapters in Athens at the beautiful Classic Center.

On November 15th, FLC will kick off with its exciting opening session. Members can expect newly designed leadership tracks, comprised of informative leadership tracks to help build upon members’ personal networking and leadership skills. Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to gain information and tips on competing through attending Competitive Event preparation sessions. Through all of the offered workshops, members will be able to meet other passionate FBLA students from across the state. At FLC, members and chapters have the chance to be recognized for their success and outstanding achievements. Members will also have the opportunity to raise money for the March of Dimes through the world’s largest MONOPOLY® Tournament. Battle of the Chapters competition begins, where teams from across the state compete for the top chapter title by knowing FBLA trivia and knowledge. Lastly Georgia FBLA members will have the chance to compete in Open Testing Preview, where members have a chance to test on Objective Tests before Region Leadership Conference to get a leg up on your competition! Coming back in full force, Georgia FBLA Statesman Award will recognize outstanding members who have a firm grasp on FBLA knowledge and facts. Members: if you score 90% or higher on the test, you will be awarded at the end of the conference with a Georgia FBLA Statesman certificate and lapel pin. The study guide will be available through LiveBinder in October.

Here is a few important things to remember, You must have your membership dues paid by September 22th. The registration deadline is October 10th. The registration fee for FLC is $40 for middle level and $50 for High School. The registration covers an amazing Chick-fil-A lunch and an awesome t-shirt. I hope to see all of you at this year’s Fall Leadership Conference because this conference is one for the books!