September Meeting Tip of the Month

This month, focus on getting members involved with Business Achievement Awards (BAA) and the Community Service Awards (CSA). At your meeting this month, start getting members signed up for their next level of the BAA’s and CSA’s. Going through the first few activities of the Future Level of the Business Achievement Awards is something that could be done as a group to get your members started in this program. Getting your members started early in these programs can allow them time to complete one or more levels of either of these programs throughout the year. By introducing your members to the Business Achievement Awards and Community Service Awards before the competitive event and conference season starts, your members can plan for how they are going to complete a level of the program throughout the year.

August Meeting Tip of the Month

In August, focus on increasing membership and attendance at meetings. You can do this by adding meeting reminders to daily announcements, setting up  social media profiles, or placing flyers all around the school. Encourage new members to join by providing snacks, playing games, and having fun at your meeting. This will encourage members to stay involved when they see how much they enjoy FBLA. Now is the time to recruit new members to help grow your chapter this year!

LEAD Activity of the Month- November

This month’s activity comes from the Bronze Level. We’ll be focusing on Activity 2: Be a HERO for Babies from the category Service: Super Star.

This activity is all about our national service partner The March of Dimes. To complete this activity you don’t have to organize a march or fundraise. The goal of this activity is to spread awareness of the March of Dimes and their mission with those in your community. You are asked to create a rack card, which is basically a postcard that is covered in information on both sides. You can use information on the March of Dimes website, or from what you have seen from what your chapter does to support this organization. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • the mission of March of Dimes
  • past success of the organization
  • where the money donated goes
  • information for where to donate
  • the March of Dimes logo
  • pictures of babies that have been impacted by the organization

The above are suggestions for what to include on your rack card. You have the freedom to convey any message you think is important. Not only does this card help you advance to the next level of your LEAD program, but it can also be used at a chapter meeting or in the community to promote our national service partner.

LEAD Activity of the Month- October

This month’s activity comes from the Gold Level. We’ll be dissecting Activity 3: Game On! from the Leadership: Team Awesome category.

This activity requires you to design a game designed to educate elementary aged students about economics and the American Enterprise System. The activity has a few requirements:

  • name
  • logo
  • instructions
  • materials

Aside from these required aspects of the game, you have the freedom to make it your own! Think about a game you enjoy playing. It can be a board game, card game, scavenger hunt, or anything else you can think up. Think of the objective, or the lesson the players should learn from the game. Create obstacles to success, then create the rest of the game. Once you have that, add on the details and you are ready to go! Share your new game and enjoy teaching others about our economy while having fun!

LEAD Activity of the Month- September

This month’s activity comes from the Silver Level. We’ll be focusing on Activity 4: Celebrate FBLA-ML from the category Leadership: Team Impact.

This activity asks you to “Work in a team to create a 30-second promotional commercial advertising your chapter’s plans for American Enterprise Day or FBLA-PBL Week. Play it at a local chapter meeting. (Save a copy the commercial).” Linked is information about both events.

This is an activity that you can have fun with! Grab some friends who are also members to be your production team and start bounding around ideas! Once you have your ideas, there are a few steps to completing this task:

  1. Create your script/storyboard- this project will be easy once you have a plan. Hash out all the details in this step regarding what is going to happen in the 30-second film.
  2. Pick a set- The space you record in needs to be related to the story happening in your film. Pick a place with good lighting and relevance to your message.
  3. Make sure your camera is ready to go- The most frustrating thing that can happen when filming is have your camera die on you or your memory card become full halfway through. being over prepared is better than being caught in the middle.
  4. Go for it!- This is when you get to put all your work into action. Have fun with it, and be proud of what you have done! Set aside enough time so you don’t feel rushed. Make sure you have time to edit, and show it off!

This activity is probably one of the most time consuming, but it is one of the most fun activities there is. Put in the work, and you will be proud of the result. Show off your work, and be recognized for what you create!