2019 Officer Induction

Our officers this year include Miniya Miller (President), Aja Heath (Vice President), Denita Smith(Secretary), Jasmine Nyborg (Historian&Reporter), Mckelton Johnson (Parliamentarian). At this years officer induction we had many friends and family come out to support our officers of the 2019-2020 school year. Our Principal, Dr. Dollard and Assistant Principal , Mr. Beau Pezoldt came out and showed support by pinning all of the new officers.

This year’s Induction Ceremony included several fun activities such as a raffle ticket drawing to win many prizes, Get to Know Me bingo game. This game allowed us to meet many of the other officers of our region. The last game we played was would you rather. During this game we had to introduce ourselves to the people in our group by telling them our name, grade, and school. The next thing we did was the candle lighting where they lite a candle for each officer position as they were called.

We hope that this year is filled with many memories and achievements.